The Mole

The search goes on for the mole in the White House or in the Intelligence services who is leaking classified documents to the press in order to undermine and destroy President Trump. The mole, of course, is the former president.

For eight long years the hidden mole
Has ruled the country as a whole
Destruction but his only goal
Each morning he would sing
I am a lonely troubadour
I have my ears at every door
And all I have I do abhor
Including this west wing
I bear allegiance to no one
I am at large my mother’s son
I see my father’s work is done
Destruction do I bring
My minions they are everywhere
In every academic chair
I call to them and they are there
To kiss the golden ring
The agencies I’ve weaponized
The military I’ve despised
Humiliation I have prized
It’s good to be the king
I run the network with my staff
The witches three and we all laugh
And gleeful write your epitaph
As to our faith we cling
There’s not much more that I can say
I’ve worked so hard here every day
To see destruction every way
As from my work may spring

The Horror Of CO2

Animal life possesses a DNA in which every cell contains mitochondria capable of converting oxygen into energy and emitting carbon dioxide as a waste product, and plant life possesses a DNA in which every cell contains chloroplasts capable of converting carbon dioxide into energy and emitting oxygen as a waste product. Animal life on Earth cannot exist without oxygen and plant life on Earth cannot exist without carbon dioxide, and neither plants nor animals can exist on Earth without the other. So when did CO2 become a poison?

The withdrawal from the Paris Accords drove the Left into a frenzy of TrumpHate. Never mind that every single one of the TrumpHating elite goes nowhere except by private jet, lives in a mansion with a huge carbon footprint and generally behaves as if CO2 were not a problem. Which it isn’t. The entire global warming scam is a vehicle for crippling the manufacturing private sector of the United States for some, a money making scheme for others, and a religion for most. The Earth has been warming for more than 12,000 years, from about the time the last ice age ended and the ice began to melt. It matters not to the warmists that Earth was so warm twelve hundred years ago that wild grapes grew in Nova Scotia or that eleventh century Norwegians were farming the fertile fields of Greenland, now under a mile deep cover of ice. Don’t the global warming alarmists understand that the greater the concentration of CO2 the greater the wheat and corn yields and thus more food for those less fortunate than they? Global warming and climate change are all of a piece with the Left’s lunatic obsession with genderless bathrooms, cultural appropriation and the denial of biology.

The haters not all DNC
There’s traitors in the GOP
Who do not wish the president do well
They fantasize of severed heads
Of smothered Trumpsters in their beds
And scream of Russians having votes to sell
The latest is the climate deal
Where all agreed that they would steal
From Uncle Sam to pay for China’s debt
To humankind for burning coal
While other countries have the goal
To lower CO2 we ain’t seen yet
Obama signed all the accords
We pay for all, we let in hordes
To take the jobs the natives will not do
Inhaling all our oxygen
That brings back the hard knocks again
Because the crops can’t breathe and turn bright blue
The mitochondria don’t care
That CO2 is in the air
And chloroplasts are quite amused
That what they breathe comes slightly used
From animals who toss it off as waste
They know the oxygen they give
As waste enables us to live
And warming ain’t the worst they’ve ever faced

The Cabby And The Bobbies

On Sunday night, June 18, a fed-up man drove a van into a group of muslims, doubtless in retaliation for the attack by muslims using a van to kill civilians crossing the London Bridge a few weeks ago. One of the stories to come out of the London Bridge attack is the courage of the unarmed police and ordinary people. At the height of the London Bridge attack, a London cab driver tried to ram the van being driven by the killers, and a witness related how he saw four unarmed London policemen run toward the van with batons raised, not knowing if the jihadi killers in the van were armed or not. Luckily for the unarmed bobbies the muslim killers were armed only with knives. Picture it though – four unarmed policemen knowingly running into certain death if the killers had guns. You cannot teach courage. You either have it or you don’t.

We’ve seen this kind of thing before
We call it asymmetric war
Where one side fights with one hand tied
The other laughs and scoffs to hide
Full knowing bobby has no gun
And London cabs they can outrun
The bobby says untie my hands
The cabby says these muslim vans
Can come and go just as they please
While politicians say that these
Here muslims mean nobody harm
And meantime people buy the farm
Just walking ‘cross a bridge at night
Not thinking they might have to fight
I tell you if old Winnie’s here
He’d make ‘em pay and pay real dear
We British always muddle through
Somehow we figure what to do
But first our ruling class must stop
This feeding us this muck and glop
Insisting we stay on our knees
And start to hanging wogs from trees

The Melting Of The Ice

The problem is not that there are no answers, it is that half the population does not believe the answer if it is in opposition to their progressive ideology. The idea that human activity drives the planet’s climate is absurd, yet it is believed by those to whom leftist ideology is magic. Inviting into your home someone who has vowed to kill you, your family and your neighbors is insane, yet the political class is driven to do just that, despite the historical record of centuries of Muslim hatred for the Christian West. Socialism has always failed wherever it has been tried and yet the answer to the question of how to ensure the livelihood and way of life for the populace is always, in the eyes of some, state sponsored socialism. No, the problem is not that there are no answers, the problem is that some people, and mostly those who consider themselves to be far greater than their level of competence, believe implicitly, because their magic religion of progressivism demands they believe, that the ice is always melting, despite all evidence to the contrary. But from time to time the left stops hating and lapses into hilarity for a day or two, laughing at the infantile antics of the child who beat them in the last election, in the latest case a typo in a tweet. Unless there really is a word spelled covfefe.

A typo by a tweeter
There’s nothing could be sweeter
To those who think the president a dunce
An idiot, a moron
On whom much scorn they pour on
A man they claim covfefed more than once
How else to judge the way that
The Leftists always say that
Covfefe’s not the way we want to go
A magic incantation
A rich imagination
And pretty soon the ice fields start to grow
The Left says that our brothers
Iranians and others
Will save us if we only pay the price
We owe to Goddess Gaia
To whom we must convey a
Apology for melting all the ice

Commanding The Sun And The Wind

Even kings cannot command the sun to shine or the wind to blow and yet, if the Greens and the fanatical environmental crazies have their way, ordinary people will be placed in the position of commanding the wind and sun or freezing to death.

The king cried, “Bring me some fossil
Fuel so I can heat my cossil
For it gets so dreary cold these winter nights
It’s now dark so solar pandles
Have no sun so I need candles
There’s no juice for me to turn on any lights
There’s a windmill on each tower
But without wind there’s no power
And it’s calm tonight with nary a slight breeze
I need coal to get some warming
On these nights with winter storming
It’s so cold in here I nearly like to freeze
On each roof a solar juiceter
Where each morn our faithful rooster
Doesn’t crow because the sky is filled with cloud
There’s no sun to do the dishes
And if horses were mere wishes
I would say the whole shebang is not allowed
I’m so bundled up I wobble
Those damn windmills too much trobble
I am forced to wear a double ermine coat
Why should I the king wear flannels
Take those windmills and the panels
And just throw all of those damn things in the moat!”

Over The Rainbow Part 2

The cry that only green energy will save us never ends, despite the evidence it does not work. The Greens raise the cry that fossil fuels are running out so we must immediately change to windmills. So very strange it is that every prediction of peak oil has turned out to be wrong. The world swims in oil and gas, oceans and oceans of it. It is entirely possible the hidden reserves are not close to being finite. Oil is not the product of ancient forests being compressed into liquid carbon by millions of years of pressure as we once believed. Thorium reactors are here now, and there will one day be cold fusion, but until that day we have plenty of oil and natural gas to keep us going very nicely. I very much doubt fracking will be the only new method for tapping into the sea of oil beneath our feet. There is currently no crisis in energy, despite the cries of despair from the Greens. To believe that solar and wind will replace fossil fuels is lunacy. There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and if there is a pot it is filled with oil.

Somewhere, over the rainbow
Wind and sun
Will be found not insane though
And all our cares are done
Somewhere, over the rainbow
Skies are blue
Folks from Texas to Maine though
Just want to know what’s true
Someday we’ll wish upon a star
And find these fossil fuels are far behind us
Where solar flows like lemon drops
And wind blows strong and never stops
So just remind us
That somewhere over the rainbow
Wind blows free
And the sun will remain so
No more need oil will we
Somewhere over the rainbow
Oil will die
Dreams fly over the rainbow
Why then oh why can’t I

Over The Rainbow

Democrats and leftist everywhere waited with bated breath to hear the magic words from former FBI Director James Comey that would destroy forever the infantile presidency of the Putin lapdog Donald J. Trump. Fantasies abounded, swirling in the DC air like ticker tape. Ah, to be a Democrat when Comey raises his right hand and swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Except, of course, now that he has told some truths they did not like they do not believe him.

Somewhere, over the rainbow
Truth lays bare
It is not so insane though
If only Comey dare
Somewhere, over the rainbow
Skies are blue
Folks from Texas to Maine though
Just want to know what’s true
Some day we’ll wish upon a star
And find this craziness is far behind us
Where leaks will melt like lemon drops
And lefty fantasy all stops
Please James, remind us
That somewhere over the rainbow
We will again regain, so
Once again we are we
Somewhere over the rainbow
Truth will lie
Words fly over the rainbow
Why then oh why can’t I


The United States is equally divided, but not politically. It is divided tribally, with one tribe engaged in declared warfare against the other tribe that does not yet realize they have been attacked and are in a fight to the death. Part of the problem is that the Left, the attacking tribe, is being aided by elements of the unresisting Republican tribe in the effort to destroy the duly elected president of the United States. Recall that the Conservative Never Trump Movement hired a British agent to compile a false dossier on the candidate Trump, which they then delivered to the enemy Intelligence Services, disguised as the mainstream media, when Republican Senator John McCain gave the fake dossier to James Comey, the Director of the Obama politicized FBI, from where it then became established gospel from a still respected source. Who is standing on the trapdoor? We are. Coup attempts do not typically end well or peacefully; either way there is bloodshed, and not just political blood. We are looking at the very real potential of blood in the streets due to the insane rage of the Left, and a violent overthrow of a popularly elected president by his political enemies will result in armed insurrection against the traitors, and many innocents will be caught in the crossfire. Twice now the Democrats have declared war on a Republican president, and it is unlikely the outcome this time will be different. Has the Rubicon been crossed? Yes it has.

Shallow water holds no fear
For those already crossed
The leaders will not shed a tear
For those who bear the cost
The taste of power in the throat
Drives those who choose up sides
And trapdoors, as the scribes will note
Grow busy on the Ides

Infanterie Greift An

The European Union was the child of fear. Fear of German militarism even in the face of a devastated and supine post war Germany. Fear does not often lead to wise choices, and more often than not leads to surrender. The French surrendered the sovereignty of Europe to fear of a possible future revanchist Germany. France was right, in a sense, for it is now time for a revanchist Germany to put down both the EU and the Muslim savages they have themselves invited into their midst. Now if only they had a Rommel.

Thank goodness for the Brexit days
Those good old EU exit days
And Germans can now do what they do best
Arminius and legionnaires
The prancing Uhlan cuirassiers
The Panzer IIIs that gave the French no rest
Thank goodness the good times are back
And hidden weapons can unstack
And uniforms unhung and cleaned and pressed
The banlieus and the migrant camps
Demolished and put out he lamps
And Muslims know why they should fear the West

The Illusion Of Empire


Yogi Berra once said that predicting stuff was hard, especially about the future. Remember when the wise men predicted that Brazil would be the next rising star? Remember the think tanks publishing studies that showed the Soviet Union would soon overtake the United States? Can China and Islam co-exist? Does anyone else have a say in all this? It was said of the Great Khan that his power was so great that a virgin carrying a purse full of gold could travel the length of the Silk Road without harm. Can the Chinese make the same claim? There is a rise and a fall in the affairs of men. The Ottomans have come and gone, the Great Khan is no more, the legions have left Britain. What will be will be.

The statues crumble into dust
The dreams of conquest sour
To all the end comes, as it must
The year, the date, the hour
Set down by gods for whom the cause
Of death has no real meaning
The birth of China gives no pause
Despite the Western keening
The nations rise, the nations fall
Despairing, in confusion
It happens thus to one and all
Empire is illusion