Storm Clouds

The president is reluctant to use force against all enemies but Republicans. Putin spits in his face and he smiles and insists it’s rain. China claims the entire South China Sea, and Obama smiles and says that’s why it’s called the South China Sea. He bows to Muslim kings and says it’s the Christian thing to do. Maybe he enjoys getting pushed around. Maybe he likes getting beaten up. It isn’t that he needs to have his head examined, it’s that the American people do, for electing a coward, a fraud and a mountebank, not once but twice.

A man of deep reluctance
The president resists
The power of conductance
His office still insists
Resides in he who gathers
Sharp power in his hand
Despite his oft-spoke rathers
That we don’t understand
We’ve heard reluctant giants
Come to a sad, sad end
For all our vaunted science
The wealth we have to spend
Our posture is now foetal
We whimper in our chains
We beg, implore and wheedle
Dishonor but remains
Perhaps the end is nearing
As ending came to Rome
The muffled sounds we’re hearing
Are storm clouds near to home

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The Dream Will Never Die

The Left cares not for results, it cares only for power. What does it care that everywhere they govern, everything it touches, produces idleness and despair, poverty instead of wealth. Wealth is not the end product. Power and control is the end product. The Obama administration, having taken the country far down the socialist road, now is trying to foist their failed Obamacare off on the states, thereby enlisting the states in the process of destroying the country. Deviating socialism down by handing off the rotting garbage to the states is just another way of enabling the Left to control the healthcare industry by regulating what the states can and cannot do while pretending to stand aside. The American Left has always been with us but were fringe players until they captured the Democratic Party in the 70s, no doubt much to their surprise. History will look back and see that the success of the Nixon southern strategy, to turn the Democratic South into the Republican South resulted in a gaping conservative void in the Democratic Party, a void filled by sixties radicals who suddenly found themselves with actual political power, and it will be a long time removing them. Obamacare is here to stay, though not necessarily in its current form, for once something is given it is difficult to take it away. The Left is content to accept the occasional setback because they know the setbacks are temporary, they know they will prevail in the end, and they accept the possibility that they will rule over a catastrophe, but it is the ruling, not the catastrophe, that matters.

The human herd so slowly moves
Directionless it seems
But move it does and always proves
To be in time with dreams
Be it the dreams of angry men
Who wish to change the course
The herd will take but only when
He strides his snow white horse
But others dream large dreams as well
They talk of paradise
On Earth and slyly weave a spell
And thereby gain the prize
The herd reacts not to the dream
But to the dreamer’s lie
And though the end’s an anguished scream
The dream will never die


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Unjustified Faith

A mouth breathing liberal named Peter Beinart, writing in the Atlantic Monthly, defends the light of his life, the giver of all that is holy and wise, Barack Hussein Obama, from the critics who claim his policies are failing. Beinart and his liberal friends in the press insist that Obama is in complete charge, that his minimalist plans are so brilliant and nuanced that we rubes just don’t understand them. But we do understand them, and we do understand that Barack Obama is not the Sun God, the bringer of light, as the unjustified faith in Obama held by Peter Beinart and the hosts of the Sunday talk shows would have us believe.

The pander is a fine art
Indulged by such as Beinart
Who sees no wrong in little Barry O
Who’s swift in comprehension
No trace of false pretension
Who charges with the cry of “Tarry Ho!”
A fierce minimalism
Close to criminalism
The touching faith of Beinart and his like
Has led to fiercer fires
Described by O’s paid liars
As just a little ember not a spike
And so while O is thinking
The world around him’s sinking
But all is well, the right man’s at the wheel
The ship of state is steady
And when the O is ready
He’ll run the ship aground and break her keel

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The Coalition Of The Unwilling And The Unable

Major partners in the Obama coalition against ISIS, Turkey, Germany and Britain have said thanks but no. Among the Arab states only Saudi Arabia has said it will join up, and we all know just how much help to expect from that quarter. Will the USAF have the use of Saudi airbases? The use of Iraqi air bases? Turkish airbases? Diego Garcia? I spoke to high ranking members of the German, British, Saudi and Turkish governments and they told me in confidence that their governments are prepared to help to the fullest extent possible.

The German said that all the signs
Showed It’s but left to choose
Between the Bf 109s
And Ju 52s
A company of Volksturm gents
At ninety they’re still keen
And furthermore, it is my sense
A Type IX submarine
A Brit said they had none to go
The Black Watch was no more
The Coldstream Guards had voted no
To marching off to war
The Turk said that Obama’s words
Would strike a deeper chord
If he had said he’d bomb the Kurds
Of whom the Turks abhorred
A Saudi prince in lisping voice
Said they would bear the brunt
But given any other choice
Would not be at the front
And so it came to Uncle Sam
Alone, he doesn’t mind
He says that O’s not who I am
He’s leading from behind
And if he wants to weave and bob
Put my life on the line
I’ll just salute and do my job
And things will turn out fine
But he should know and you should know
Air power makes the sound
But for the ending of the show
It takes boots on the ground

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My Neander Valley Friend

I am convinced a friend of many years has Neanderthal genes in his ancestral tree house, principally because of the physical resemblance to the drawings of Neanderthal man one sees in the popular press. I asked him why his ancestors disappeared, and he said they didn’t actually disappear, they were just hiding from white people who wandered into their valley. He said the newcomers were puny little things and easily defeated, but the Neander people took pity on them and besides their blond women were pretty cute. Ultimately, he said, the Neander valley became crowded and when the climate changed they decided to leave just to get out of the rain.

And so, I said, ‘twas climate change
That did Neander in
It wasn’t genocide or killing fields
It wasn’t arrows of long range
That pierced Neander skin
Or nuclear devices of great yields
He said it wasn’t none of that
It rained for days and days
The water rose to ankle height and then
The womenfolk all caused a spat
And said the rain and haze
Was keeping them inside their leaking den
In consequence they all packed up
And headed for the south
For drier climes and better lives for all
Each family took a wolf dog pup
And reached the river mouth
And that is when they ran into the squall
You see they reached the southern coast
Big water lay ahead
They called it Mare Imbrium or such
It’s while they’re crossing they were toast
I fear were many dead
And scattered by the storm they all lost touch
But by and by they all found land
Alone they were, off course
Each family on its own in some strange place
But all resolved to make a stand
Some saw first time a horse
And thus rode down the dangers they would face
While others driven far and wide
Encountered hostile foes
Most found their new homes pleasant, warm and dry
And in the fights they picked the side
That won and so with those
Created cities that soared to the sky
And so Neanders conquered all
The lands both East and West
And North and South we ruled at our desire
We planted crops and in the Fall

The land was surely blest
In Winter’s cold we rested by the fire
Atlantis rose up from the sea
So fair, a wondrous place
Neander spread his genes upon the wind
All have our genes, from A to Z
We live in every race
And up till now ‘tis never that we’ve sinned
And so you see, my old dear friend
We’ve never disappeared
The valley of our birth our birthright still
We shall be with you till the end
Clean shaven or with beard
We’re here to stay, beside you, always will

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Reasonable Fellows

President Obama said on Wednesday, 10 September, one day before the anniversary of the attack that killed 3,000 people on September 11, 2001, that he has ordered air attacks on ISIS in order to destroy them. Previous to that he said he would degrade ISIS to the point where they can be managed. Has he really changed his mind, or is he just following the polls that see him tumbling precipitously? If he doesn’t believe in what he proposes to do then it will fail. Everything in the past suggests that Obama believes he can manage the jihad, that these jihadi fellows seem to be a reasonable bunch who can be talked to, negotiated with, and an agreement reached that is fair to both sides. And why not? Haven’t they shown themselves to be reasonable fellows up to now?

They drink no wine, they aren’t toddy guys
They’re pure in spirit these jihadi guys
They’ve no compassion, show no mer-a-cy
They behead people just for heresy
They follow Allah, kind and merciful
And pile the bodies in the hearsy full
They cut off heads with their dull trusty knives
And prefer goats to their old rusty wives
They wear white robes and scarves to hide their face
But then of course we’d know them anyplace
Just by the dead look in their squinty eyes
And by the mercy in their flinty eyes
O thinks that ISIS can be reasoned with
Though lots of salt he’d need it seasoned with
Do I think little O can manage them?
Just bomb them once or twice then bandage them?
Do I think little O can pull it off?
Hell no I don’t, they’ll need a bullet off

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Who’s A Fraud Of The Big, Bad Wolf

Vladimir Putin, the big, bad wolf, gobbles up Ukraine and Barack Obama, the fraudster in chief, says he doesn’t really see any problem, and besides he’s meeting with NATO in a bit and they’ll decide what, if anything, to do.

Our Hussein admits to a passion
It’s fighting that gets his teeth gnashin’
When those less than smart
Demand that he start
His steely eyes promise a thrashin’
He knows it would just annoy Putin
Would certainly not stop the shootin’
Would just make things worse
No one will disperse
And just cause more laughter and hootin’
So just press that old reset button
In hopes that the big bad wolf glutton
Would just see the light
And do what is right
And let him just work on his puttin’
He knows that the Putin’s his daddy
And he is the big wolf’s boy caddy
And that he must smile
Lick boots all the while
And tremble in fear of big Vladdy

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The Tinsel Kingdom

Speaking to the world assembly of Islamic scholars in Jeddah, Saud bin Faisal al Saud, the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister, told his listeners that the Middle-East needs peace and co-existence more than ever and Saudi Arabia is ready to make sacrifices in peace negations with Israel. He said that Hamas was solely responsible for the Palestinian calamity in Gaza, and they must brought before the law. The imaginary Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, created by western oil companies and nurtured by western governments, has finally come to an end, with a plea to the Jews to save them. Constructed of tinsel and burbling froth, Saudi Arabia has taken the first step in returning to the bare, lifeless burning sands from which it sprang. They will not be missed.

I do not trust thee, Mr. Saud
I do not trust your smile so broad
I do not trust red fingers clawed
I do not trust thee, Mr. Saud
I do not like your friends as well
Just why that is, why I shall tell
I long to taste their rotting smell
I do not like your friends as well
Oh yes you say you love the Jew
If so that makes you one of few
And we know that it isn’t true
Oh yes you say you love the Jew
You wonder why so lately how
Despite Obama’s stately bow
Your days grow down so greatly now
You wonder why so lately how
And now it’s over Mr. Saud
Your kingdom always was a fraud
And when you go we’ll all applaud
And now it’s over, Mr. Saud

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The Land Of The Free

The Muslim terror group ISIS has created a well-equipped and dangerous army that has already defeated the Iraqi army and is in the process of defeating the Syrian army, in the process establishing a caliphate in Syria and Northern Iraq, boasting they will attack Europe and United States very soon The Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense Hagel have warned of the imminent and mortal danger from ISIS, Secretary Hagel saying that ISIS is like nothing we have seen before. I spoke to a liberal progressive Obama voter the other day and asked her about the ISIS threat and what did she think Obama should do about it. She thought a moment and said,

Well, since the fault is all on Bush
And Halliburton too
I don’t see why some want to push
The blame on you know who
Our president is just too smart
To not know what to do
He’ll put the horse before the cart
At least that is my view
Whatever happens over there
Is not our cup of tea
They kill themselves and I don’t care
It doesn’t bother me
There is no threat that they can make
And that’s the simple fact
And if there are some steps to take
Our president will act
It’s here at home our vision lies
Obamacare for all
And non-fat fryers for our fries
And phones so friends can call
Free college for just everyone
Free stuff for folks like me
We’ll have it all before he’s done
In this land of the free

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The Densest Pack

Back in the days of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the US devised a strategy called ‘Dense Pack” to ensure the survival of missiles in event of a surprise Soviet first strike. The dense pack consisted of a string of nuclear missile silos spaced very close together, the theory being that as Soviet missiles flew over the North Pole the first nuclear explosions would send up a cloud of debris through which the following missiles would have to pass, some being destroyed in the process, with the next nuclear explosions destroying more of the following missiles, and so on, resulting in the survival of American missiles downrange. But that was then. A dense pack now refers to a hall full of Obama supporters.

Lo info voters clearly lack
Ability to simply track
What’s going on both front and back
They are, of course, the densest pack
They follow every racist hack
Reject the learned, praise the quack
They think they’re smart but don’t know jack
They are, or course, the densest pack

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