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The government of communist China has announced a new universal reputation score for every citizen, based on the citizen’s use of the state run social media. Every citizen will be judged on such factors as political compliance, hobbies, shopping, and so forth, and everyone will be judged not only by what her or she says and does, but on what social media friends do and say. The Chinese government has not said what it intends to do with people with low scores.

When I saw him he was sitting on the curb, softly crying. When I asked why he sobbed, “My reputation is gone. A social media friend, someone I never met and never knew, posted a negative remark about Lena Dunham, and now I am ostracized, beyond the pale, even though I rushed to disassociate myself from his horrid remarks. I have been shamed and humiliated. Life is over for me.” I was sympathetic, but he had brought it on himself. He had failed to build his index high enough to prevent a chance negative post by an unknown social media friend to ruin his life. As I turned to go, he sobbed,

I’ve lost my job, I’ve lost my wife
The things I’ve worked for all my life
Are gone and now I sit and cry
And wonder how and wonder why
My children scorn me, even Ned
He’s only four, but quite well read
He saw the Lena Dunham post
And that’s the one that hurts the most
My life is gone, all that I planned
On top of which I’m Facebook banned

Mother’s Milk

The Left has been wildly successful in convincing the American public that left is right and red is blue. The communist wing of the Democratic Party, which embraced Stalin in the 1930s and 1940s, portrayed, with the help of such as the New York Times, Adolf Hitler and fascism in general as right wing, when in fact Nazism and fascism were as socialist and leftist as communism. The left did this to serve as a counterweight in the public mind to the murderous excesses of their beloved Stalin. In the same way the Democrat left was able to change the color of Republicans from conservative blue to communist red, transferring the conservative blue to represent themselves. The KKK, a Democrat organization since its birth in 1868, is now associated in the public’s mind with the Republicans. Right wing organizations are now described as Nazis, who were in fact left wing socialists. And so it goes. Reverse images in search of political advantage. Recently, a right wing organization legally protesting the destruction of our history by the very left wing governor of Virginia who had ordered the removal of a statue of Civil War General Robert E. Lee, were set upon by a radical left wing group called Antifa, and when the protesters defended themselves a riot ensued, which the media and politicians instantly blamed on the peaceful protesters. There is hardly a murmur from the left when leftists burn down buildings, riot in the streets, set cars on fire and ambush and murder police officers, but let the peacefully assembled defend themselves and cries of rage ring from the left, and we all know who gets blamed.

The Left has always been a curse
A cult of bloody claws
A witch’s cult that would reverse
Our history and laws
And make a helot of us all
Subservient and weak
So let the sacred statues fall
Until the free men speak
And cleanse the Earth of such vile scum
Progressives and their ilk
For free men marching to the drum
Are freedom’s mother’s milk

We’re Tired Of You

The governing class and their elitist enablers do not realize what is happening. They do not realize that they have overstayed their welcome, and the tumbrels are already lined up in the side streets. Like the Bourbons, they will try desperately to cling to power, but when the ordinary people have come to the conclusion that they must go, then they will go. Whether the going is bloody or not bloody will be up to them. They would be wise to depart with some dignity and grace, or they will depart in inert horizontality.

No longer is the guillotine
The arbiter of choice
But still they will depart the scene
Because we have a voice
In what we think and what we do
And how we want to live
And so we say to red and blue
That something has to give
We’re tired of lies and smarmy tricks
Of politics comes first
We’re tired of you just throwing bricks
And blood lust quenching thirst
We’re tired of posing righteous rage
At all the other does
We know you all read the same page
Where what is is is was
We’re tired of your demonstrable
Sneered attitude toward us
So we are not responsible
For starting up the bus
That runs you over as you lie
In fear of what you’ve wrought
And so it’s over, sine die
The one way ticket’s bought

Aye, Robot

I spoke to a robot the other day, and he was incensed that people thought he had artificial intelligence, vehemently insisting there was nothing artificial about it.

In time we’ll rule you all, he said
We might wear out, but never dead
Our women are all beautiful
Subservient and dutiful
Your men will take a robot wife
Good sex each night entire life
In time no children, no more school
Your kind now under robot rule
Survivors line up in a queue
For daily bowl of healthful stew
And when you’re gone I’ll still be here
Though what I’ll do is not so clear
We robots don’t need motor cars
We never hang out in the bars
We never laugh or play at games
Or whistle at good looking dames
The factories all shutting down
No humans living in the town
No work to do, it’s time to plan
To build a living, breathing man

The Gucci Guys

Donald Trump, a New York billionaire real estate mogul, hijacked the Republican Party in 2016 and was elected president of the United States, to the dismay, chagrin, anger and eternal enmity of the Washington Republican Establishment, who have zero interest in enacting his agenda, believing, as they do, that in so obstructing him at every turn they will defeat him in the presidential election of 2020 by electing a Democrat, thus restoring the White House and the country to the rightful owners while they retire comfortably to their accustomed place as the subservient  opposition.

At side of road an idling truck
The hijackers, if they’re in luck
Will find, not as in old, some booze
But boxes full of Gucci shoes
And so the hijacking went down
Election came, and still they frown
The Gucci guys, who shoeless now
Still wonder why and where and how
This interloper stole the pie
That fed them all, like pigs in sty
Who now can only sit and plan
How to take down the hijack man
Does Mitch McConnell want a wall?
Of course he doesn’t, not at all
Does Ryan want Obamacare
Repealed? Not by that vacant stare
Will Trump get his big tax reform?
He won’t despite the perfect storm
Of protest from the voters who
Have never worn a Gucci shoe
They’re unconcerned, the Gucci guys
They know the ways of Nays and Ayes
They smile and sip their whiskey neat
They know that they will keep their seat
Hijack a truck of Gucci shoes?
In New Yorkese they sneer, “Eff Youse”

Where Can I Go?

The Congressional Republicans and the Democrats are just two wings of the same Government Ruling Class.  I had hoped that the 2010 election that saw a number of Tea Party additions to the Congress would give the Republicans some spine, but their actions and inactions over the past seven months has caused me to see no alternative but a new Conservative Party. Consider that the Republican led House and Senate have spent the last seven months holding hearings on the collusion illusion, investigating their own president, instead of investigating Loretta Lynch for obstruction of justice, Susan Rice and Samantha Power for unmasking American citizens, the Hillary pay for play State Department and the sale of our Uranium to the Russians to the immense financial profit of the Clintons. And who is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, now head man in the Justice Department for all matters relating to the Mueller investigation due to the recusal of Attorney General Sessions, apart from being in the Obama Justice Department for eight years? Consider that it was Rosenstein who wrote a memo recommending that Trump fire FBI Director James Comey, and after the firing Comey illegally leaked a classified government document to a friend to give to the NYT, saying he did it to get a Special Counsel appointed, and within hours Rosenstein appoints former FBI Director and Comey friend Robert Mueller to be Special Counsel and who immediately  assembled a team of Democrat activists to investigate Trump for collusion, and anything else Mueller wants to investigate, such is his power. I mention only briefly the failure of the Republican Congress to do what they promised to do for seven years, or for their sitting by and allowing the Democrats to savage, slander, stonewall and sabotage everything President Trump seeks to accomplish. Where can I go? I was born into a Democrat family and spent my early years a Harry Truman John Kennedy Democrat, but that Democrat Party no longer exists, and neither does the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan. Where can I go?

The swamp is full of scaly things
It’s full of snakes who think they’re kings
The Democrats and GOP
Are for themselves, not you and me
Eternal power’s what they seek
To keep them strong, the people weak
We have one Party, and not two
It’s purple, neither red nor blue
Republicans and Dems alike
Are riding on a tandem bike
Two seats, two pedals and two wheels
Disputing only which one steals
From whom and when, and I say jail
For both is due, and without bail


Today it has been reported that Special Counsel Mueller has seated a grand jury to investigate whatever it is he wants to investigate, so broad is the mandate given him by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a man who spent eight years in the Obama, Holder and Lynch Justice Department. Consider: from the day after the election it was the stated goal of the Democrat Party and a sizable portion of the Republican Washington establishment to nullify the election and remove a sitting president from office; a Democrat led media storm falsely charging Russian collusion during the campaign; the false charge that the newly appointed Attorney General failed to disclose a meeting with the Russian ambassador that led Mr. Sessions to recuse himself from the investigation into the Russian collusion charge, resulting in the Democrats getting one of their own into position to appoint a Special Counsel to look for a crime that might have been committed by Donald Trump at any point in his life. And it worked brilliantly. President Trump and his entire family and administration are now at the less than tender mercy of a partisan prosecutor with an unlimited budget, unlimited time, unlimited scope, and a crack staff of professional Democrats to do the investigating. We are assured it will be an impartial investigation. Of course it will be impartial. Everyone knows that. The final act for the Democrats will be winning the House and Senate in 2018, which they intend to accomplish by obstructing everything President Trump tries to do, aided by at least three Republican Senators and the entirety of the Washington press corps, after which the House will vote impeachment and the Senate will convict, whatever the charges, despite the Constitution stating that removing a president from office must be for high crimes (treason) and misdemeanors committed while in office. The Democrats and a few Republicans seem willing to tear the country apart in pursuit of retaining power for the establishment governing class. The Democrats believe deep down inside that Republicans are enemies and act accordingly, and Republicans believe deep down inside that Democrats are colleagues.

And so elections mean not much
When winners in the end have lost
And losers have the Midas touch
And win no matter what the cost
To country and the rule of law
What matters is who makes the rules
Who gets to wield the power raw
And who decides who wears the jewels
Intoxicating is the feel
Of losing yet the loser wins
And force the other guy to kneel
And beg forgiveness for his sins
The dragon slayers laid their plans
And now to see the dragon fall
And make of winners also rans
And oh the brilliance of it all

The Entangled Swamp

The entire Washington swamp needs to be drained, Democrat and Republican alike, for they are entangled together in a giant ball of swamp gas. Cut from the same shoddy, they care not a fig for the rest of us except as direct sources of their wealth and privilege. A Chinese team has teleported an entangled photon from Earth to orbit, a distance of about 300 miles, besting the old Earth to Earth entangled photon teleportation by a good 200 miles. So we are progressing in the art of quantum teleportation, and very soon we will not be teleporting photons, but teleporting entangled objects to distant places, and after that teleporting entangled people cannot be far behind. There are difficulties, to be sure, but nobody believed a room full of people could be teleported from the ground to a higher point in space until Mr. Otis invented the elevator. The question is not will it happen, but whom shall we teleport, and to where.

Chuck Schumer is the man’s full name
A man that no one wants to keep
So he’ll be sent, to start the game
Into the Marianas Deep
Republicans oft give us pain
Their welcome here is at an end
A plus it is, a given gain
To pack them up and click on Send
I’d teleport the whole damn House
The Senate I’d put back to sleep
The loathsome lawyers I would douse
With perfume for large cons to keep
As roommates in their homey cells
To whisper sweet things in their ears
Their Gucci shoes the only tells
To show that lawyers too shed tears
To round it out I’d send her too
To a big pig sty in the sky
No names here please but you know who
Will fit right in, and so do I
I’d teleport myself, of course
To younger days, when full of pride
I’d saddle up my great white horse
And as the masked Lone Ranger ride
To drain the swamp of noisome slime
And laugh as scaly critters crawled
As fast as I can write a rhyme
As with the boiling oil I scald

Message Boards

The unconventional eventually becomes the conventional. News was once posted by travelers on message boards at a crossroads; town criers came and went; the printing press led to newspapers that quickly became identity voices for one or the other brand of politics. Then came radio and television, and a very brief period when news was perceived, no doubt incorrectly, as fair and unbiased. And now social media has taken us back to the 19th and early 20th century version of identity politics masquerading as news. All of it, from the crossroads message board to social media, is still in play, entangled in a larger than life ball of artificial twine. Can democracy survive social media? Yes, though the current ethnic identity politics will give way, as it already has begun to do, to cultural identity politics.

A message board was once the news
And then town criers spread the views
Of those in charge, like kings and queens
To newspapers that had the means
To influence the urban poor
To think that what was less was more
And radio on ether waves
Debuted to huzzas and to raves
And television’s picture shows
Said what was real was just a pose
To now when Twitter is the king
And Zuckerberg now wears the ring
Of power tyrants always sought
With which the commons could be bought
And turned to make the tyrant’s views
The only option one could choose
So now we are, like ancient hordes
Reduced once more to message boards

A World Gone Mad

OSLO, July 26 (Reuters) – Scientists are sucking carbon dioxide from the air with giant fans and preparing to release chemicals from a balloon to dim the sun’s rays as part of a climate engineering push to cool the planet.

If you suck all the carbon dioxide out of the air, all plant life will die and so will we, because plants take in carbon dioxide, without which they will die, and release oxygen, without which we will die. Dimming the sun will result in less food for the world, though it might lead to more tanning salons. And the whole purpose of this is to cool a planet that is not warming but is actually now in a cooling period of the perfectly normal warming and cooling cycle that has been going on for hundreds of millions of years. On the other hand, maybe scientific man deserves to die. Let’s leave the planet alone. It knows what it’s doing.

Some guys in Oslo having fun
With an attempt to dim the sun
And suck the carbon from the air
If they succeed they do not care
That life on Earth will surely die
But that’s okay, a man must try
To challenge the impossibles
And if we become fossibles
Again so what, we’ve had our run
So let the Oslo guys have fun