The Time Of Our Lies

Time magazine has published an article stating that in California, on election day, 2016, Republican voters were being prevented from voting, a condition everyone, including the Republicans, attributed to Russian hacking. Should we believe Time magazine? Is there any possible reason to believe this only now emerging story that backs up the Democrat raging illusion and downright lie that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to win the election? Were Republican voters prevented from voting in California? Absolutely. But it wasn’t the Russians who did it, it was the Democrats, up to their usual election tricks.

So many lies
So little Time
I close my eyes
And write a rhyme
Of Russian hacks
And email quotes
Found stuffed in cracks
With stolen votes
We live with lies
Yet all things rhyme
All is disguise
Don’t believe Time

Tolerating The Intolerable

After another year of rapes and sexual assaults by young muslim men upon Swedish women attending a traditional Swedish summer concert, the Leftist Swedish government has reacted energetically to ongoing and nation-wide muslim rapes and sexual assaults upon Swedish women by canceling next year’s concert. That’ll teach them not to rape and sexually assault Swedish women. I don’t believe muslims laugh except when beheading Christian children, but this must have made them laugh.

Multi-culti is the word
Stuff your ears to all you’ve heard
Muslim crime is just absurd
They are Swedes like us
Honor killings all the rage
Turn your head and turn the page
Other cultures we engage
And muslims are a plus
Yes Malmo is not Swedish now
And to sharia we must bow
Before them Swedish law must cow
So let’s not make a fuss
One day we shall be muslims too
And we shall share the muslim view
That Sweden will be something new
A suppurating pus

Beyond The Kuiper Belt

Something huge is lurking just beyond the Kuiper Belt, something unseen by astronomers until 2016 when they noticed perturbations in Kuiper Belt Objects that had not previously been perturbed. What is it and why is it unseen? An invisible planet beyond Pluto? An invisible non-physical force? A giant spaceship? A small spaceship with an unaccountably giant mass? If it is a natural phenomenon and has been there all along, why was it not discovered until now? Is it the impending demographic doom of Europe and the death of western civilization at the hands of millions of Stone-Age people who have unaccountably been invited to come and stay awhile? We won’t know what it is or who it is until they reveal themselves. We all remember that Germany is now a smoking, radioactive ruin all because when the aliens landed and said take me to your lieder the Germans laughed. Some things are just not universally funny. I hope we’re more careful when they land this time. You just don’t know how strangers are going to react.

Out there beyond the Kuiper Belt
There lurks a giant force
Whose gravity is keenly felt
Though still an unknown source
My view is it’s the gods of old
Who gather in despair
At seeing all their work grow cold
And tossed without a care
Into the dumpster of the past
And cast into the void
Although the giant shadow cast
Shows it might be a boid


What is destroying the West is not Islam, it is diversity. When the British government released the results for the 2011 census the figures revealed that white Britons were a minority in their own capital city, that Britain’s Muslim population would overtake the native white population in measurable years and that the number of Muslims in the country was wildly underreported as millions of Muslims had not returned the census forms at all, as revealed by the paucity of returned forms from Muslim dominated neighborhoods and cities. All of this was greeted with hosannas by the political and media establishments, and celebrated as a great victory for diversity, a diversity that is leading inevitably to the suicide of Britain, and which the establishment has knowingly brought about by intentional policy. This in a country that had maintained a non-diverse population for a thousand years and ruled the world for two centuries. The bad news, from the point of view of the British political establishment, was that the continent was far ahead of Britain in actual percentages of Muslims per native populations, leading to some to suggest Britain increase its efforts to diversify.

To die slow death by suicide
Diversity’s the best
Of all the ways the Muslim tide
Can use to kill the West
The Ottomans had vainly tried
And now have final rest
As Muslim women keened and cried
As many did attest
But now Islam has but to hide
Pretend they are a guest
And as the Muslims multiplied
They then could kill the West
Diversity’s how Europe died
They never would have guessed
That when diversity’s your guide
You too have final rest


Those westerners opposed to killing muslim killers say that not all muslims are killers, and therefore we should not contemplate eradicating them all in order to make certain we get the very substantial minority of muslims who are determined to kill us. But can we solve the problem of muslim beheadings and suicide bombings of little girls by selective retaliation? I don’t think so. The only permanent solution to the problem of muslim killers is to emulate the late Simon de Montfort and kill them all and let Google sort them out. Simon, of course, was the man in charge of the French force ordered by the Pope to kill all the Albigensian heretics, also known as the Cathars, in the little French town of Beziers some eight hundred years ago. When informed by his men that there were many non-Cathars in the town, de Montfort said to kill them all and let God sort them out. And so they did.

Catharsis from muslim pain
Or terrorism mire
When people opt to once again
To take to sword and fire
The muslim killers quite well known
To MI5 and others
A Google search has quickly shown
Associates and brothers
A pre-dawn raid will do the trick
A roundup and detention
A door closed with a silent snick
What’s next we shall not mention
If this seems harsh think little girls
And muslim bombs exploding
And leaving only bits of curls
To muslim taunts and goading
The muslim killers say their god
Demands they do the killing
And so they go below the sod
All muslim terror stilling

A Freshly Made Past

It would seem that the freshly made past served up by the Democrats, that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to deny the White House to the rightful owner, has turned into a freshly made pasta. It has emerged that President Obama was aware of Soviet interference into the election, and did nothing but wag his finger at Putin, so certain was he that Hillary would win and all would be as smooth as apple butter. Couple Obama’s strangely odd or oddly strange indifference to Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016, with the remark Obama made to the Russian ambassador four years earlier that he, Obama, would be more flexible after the election of 2012. Then add Attorney General Loretta Lynch telling Hillary the investigation into her illegal and possibly treasonous placing of highly classified documents on her kitchen server would not be allowed to proceed to a conclusion. Also baked into this inedible dish of pasta is the fact that the highly classified documents Hillary Clinton placed on her server were read, and possibly were meant to be read, in real time by the Russians and the Chinese, who, no doubt coincidentally, contributed large sums of money to the Clinton Family Slush Fund criminal enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation, all of which leads one to wonder if Hillary charged by the document or offered a volume discount. So it is now a question of whether or not the Special Counsel and his crack staff of Democrat donors and operatives will look into the very obvious collusion and criminality on his side of the aisle. I am not at all sanguine. Only Republicans go to jail.

Oh what a tangled web they wove
As into sight the Mueller hove
Disclosures never meant to be
Seen by the likes of you or me
Obama knew of Russian tricks
Did nothing, knowing that the fix
Was in and Hillary would skate
Into the White House, Chief of State
Where all would be swept under rugs
The DNC would be all hugs
And champagne fizz would fill the air
And criminals would have no care
With Justice in their able hands
All evidence on shifting sands
They’re free and clear, so many birds
And accusations only words
But then they lost, and now affright
They stamp their feet and scream all night
They will not rest, they must not fail
The Donald must be put in jail
Restoring circumstance and pomp
And all reentering the swamp

The Afghan Folly

The Trump administration is now debating whether or not to increase the force level in Afghanistan in an effort to win the longest war in American history. The American policy in Afghanistan has been Kabuled together rather than well thought out and comprehensive. The initial decision by President George W. Bush to send in small numbers of Special Forces to take out the Taliban who had provided training camps for the 9/11 attackers was proportionate to the need. Special Forces and B-52s flying from Diego Garcia drove the Taliban out of Kabul and turned the administration of the government of Afghanistan, such as it was, over to the Northern Alliance. Under President Bush Afghanistan was always a sideshow, but upon acquiring office, President Obama surged to 100,000 troops in Afghanistan, calling it the necessary war, which it was not, Afghanistan posing no national security threat or opportunities, and closing down a hard won war in Iraq in which we had attained a strong foothold in the Middle East next to Syria and Iran. The abandonment of the advanced base in Iraq, accompanied by a series of foreign policy debacles by the Obama administration, including the tilt toward Iran, has led to the collapse of the Middle East and the forfeiture of American interests in the region, whether due to incompetence or design. The war in Afghanistan cannot be won in Stone Age Afghanistan, it can only be won in nuclear power Pakistan, which means it will not be won at all, and it is time to cut the cord.

Beware of war in Hindu Kush
So said the Brits, and so said Bush
A Stone Age land is not subdued
By modern arms so don’t intrude
The Brits and Russkies tried and failed
And now it’s time that we too bailed
Our guys are getting killed for naught
By green on blue and thirty aught
To Muslims we are not a friend
There’s not to gain, now let it end

A Minor Disagreement

At the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, presidents Trump and Putin agreed on a temporary cease fire in the Syrian civil war. Syria has been in the news a lot of late, and it is hard to realize that it was only thirty-three hundred  years ago that the great Egyptian-Hittite clash of empires occurred near the little Syrian town of Kadesh, resulting in the first recorded account of a battle, and the first recorded account of fake news when the Pharaoh Ramses lost the battle but convinced historians for over three thousand years that he had won when he falsely portrayed the battle as a great Egyptian victory on the large stone panels on the outer walls of the Ramseum in Thebes. One hundred years later the Hittite Empire ceased to exist, along with every other kingdom and people in the neighborhood, with a grievously wounded Egypt, the only survivor of the still mysterious catastrophe. All of which makes one wonder who, if anyone, will survive the current contretemps and who will history forget.

For centuries the name rang down
Rameses the second
Or maybe not, for his renown
Is not what he had reckoned
When on the broad Damascus Road
His chariots and horses
Advanced at speed to Ramses’ goad
To meet the Hittite forces
Alas the battle turned out well
For Hittite, not Mizziri
But history had no tale to tell
For history does get weary
Of minor disagreements that
Seem major to observers
But in the end it all falls flat
Despite the seeming fervors
Of all involved in tiny acts
Of no historic meaning
The Middle East, and just the facts
Has heard its women keening
For centuries as armies trod
The land with sword and fire
All in the name of one true god
And as for me, I tire

The Conspirators

It began the day after the election. The political establishment united, Democrat and Republican, Deep State Intelligence and Federal Agencies, to remove the upstart Trump from office as quickly as possible, by any means necessary. And those means included then, and include now, a treasonous coup d’état. It began immediately with the false accusation, and the accusers knew it was false, that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russian government to steal the election. The removal of General Flynn on charges as yet not presented was the first step, and the appointment of former FBI Director Mueller as Chief Counsel to investigate a non-existent crime is the capstone of the plot to put the establishment back in power. The leaks are felonies, with serious jail time, and so the conspirators have a lot riding on the success of the coup, though there is no guarantee that a President Pence would allow it to go unpunished. I don’t believe shooting congressmen was in the plans, but now that it has happened it will be difficult to return to the planned non-violent treason.

Contrary to the rumor
It isn’t only Schumer
Who got on board with plans to unseat Trump
McCain and Lindsay Graham
Were fine with all the mayhem
Involved with plans the Deep State had to dump
The president elected
For someone they’ve selected
To keep in place the all-important swamp
We don’t want no outsiders
They cry, and no outriders
We like our lovely circumstance and pomp
We like our lobby money
And Trump will stop the honey
From drizzling on our waffles and our cakes
We’ll rid us of this nuisance
And thus restore our puissance
And do it quite regardless what it takes

The Law Of Inevitability

Thanks to the Democrats and their lapdog media, the country is well on the road to divorce, and it will be very messy, if not bloody. If one half of the country is intent on a given course of action, even though the success of the action is highly unlikely, the law of very large numbers makes the likelihood of the improbable happening not at all improbable. For instance, the current rage filled HardLeft attempt to destroy the Trump presidency increases its chances of happening the larger the number of traitorous people in the Congress, the FBI and the Intelligence agencies engage in the effort to destroy it. The reason is the law of inevitability, which states that every possible outcome has an equal chance of occurring, and while the chance of any one of the possible outcomes occurring is very close to zero, one of them must. This is why the non-bloody coup attempt by the Democrats has, because of the shootings of Republican congressmen in Alexandria, changed from a non-bloody track to a bloody track, and therefore the law of inevitability has changed, and a bloody coup is now more likely to occur than a non-bloody one, simply because once the shooting starts, it is extremely difficult to stop it short of one side winning and one side losing.

He fired shots heard ‘round the world
This Bernie Sanders gruntled guy
Who took to heart the frothing rage
And listened to the revenge cry
Of leftists who shriek it is theirs
The government, the earth, the sky
That victory was stolen and
Legitimacy they deny
The barricades! The Red and Black!
Govern us? Just let them try!
We’ll shoot them down
And not ask why
This country’s ours
And you must die