New World Order

President Barack Obama recently announced a New World Order, though the parameters of that new world order seem fuzzy at best. It is difficult to say whether the president is ignorant of history or just unheeding. Napoleon thought he had established a new world order, and so did Adolf Hitler, to name just two of many, and we all know what happened to those world orders. Establishing new world orders is a difficult thing, and I doubt our Hussein has the capability or iron will required to pull it off. It’s possible he just misread his teleprompter. Maybe he intended to say “the New World (meaning the United States) is ordure,” and thought the teleprompter said “order”.



When Lyndon said that all the world

Was now one happy family

The disagreement that unfurled

Was sort of Vietnamily

When Bonaparte said Europe’s mine

A Continental order

A chorus rose to shout that’s fine

Just don’t you cross our border

When Adolf lit the world war spark

And danced a jig in Paris

He thought he’d broken Babe Ruth’s mark

He was no Roger Maris

And so it goes with our Hussein

The world is of his making

He’ll lower seas and stop the rain

His voice will leave foes shaking

With finger shakes and wagging tongue

He’ll curb the world’s new Hitlers

The New York Times his praises hung

In spite of his belittlers

Who say that power is not speech

Sometimes it’s force that’s needed

But Obie smiles it’s in his reach

And history unheeded



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