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Christmas 2012

Christmas day:  a day that says that most of the problems of the world could be solved with one word: LOVE


Christmas is children and family and friends

And love that is shared the year ‘round

The circle complete, for the love never ends

In children and family it’s found

We gather today ‘neath the trimmed Christmas tree

To honor the One who was born

On that day long ago that the world longed to see

A world that was sore and forlorn

The love that we give to our family and friends

Surrounds us like heavenly mist

That circles the globe and to heaven ascends

For love is what angels have kissed


A Brave New World

Christmas Eve. Two thousand years ago, at a time of war and strife and moral civilizational collapse, a child was born. But war and strife and moral collapse are endemic. Is it possible there has been more than one child? Is it possible we are ready for another?


At dusk, the wood in bold relief

A tiny fire breaks the night

Keeping warm a newborn son

His face seen dimly in the light

What wonders will you see, my son

His father asked the sleeping child

What will befall us, you and I

With all about us cruel and wild

I pray the gods will keep us safe

I pray that one day peace will come

And strangers will not take our lives

With happiness for all, not some

And yet in dreams I see a world

A distant land that eons hence

Will trust in nothing but itself

And scorn the thought of innocence

A brave new world my vision sees

Where life is nothing at its core

Where hollow men toil not at all

And satisfaction cries for more

I see a world of death, my son

Where babies are discarded live

Where dawn and dusk are not observed

And life is lived from nine to five

I do not like these dreams, I fear

That they are portents of what will

Be fashioned of our golden land

And yet I feel there is time still

To right the path, to chart the course

It takes but one to give the nod

To take the reins and by his will

Return the people to their God

The fire’s low, the night has come

And with the night the beast comes near

But I am with you, standing guard

Sleep soundly son, your Father’s here


The Witches Of Endor

The Obama White House is staffed with a variety of Marxists, including the community organizer himself. Was it not Anita Dunn, Obama’s communications director, who gushed that Chairman Mao, the Communist dictator of China, a man whose orders resulted in the murder of some sixty million people, was her favorite philosopher? Was it not reported that a portrait of Mao graced the Obama White House Christmas tree? Is the New York Times not Pravda? Do bears…..


There’s maximum and minimum

In everything in life

A woman takes a husband

And a man must take a wife

And then there is religion

Some think idols are just cool

But others think that monsters

Are so cute when they are cruel

So they worship at the altar

Of the Stalins and the Maos

And believe the ends of justice

Blur the means and trump the hows

Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett

And Samantha Power too

They have gathered ‘round the cauldron

And prepared a bitter stew

Yes the witches have left Endor

And reside among us here

In the Red Obama White House

But then what have we to fear

For the Constitution saves us

From the likes of such as they

While Obama smiles and says that

That was some election day


Obamanus Rex

Darkness is falling over the once great land of the free. The subservient clients of the Democratic party have spoken in favor of handouts and oppression, of the triumph of the victims. Tracking devices in cars, listening devices in public buses, data mining and surveillance. Next will come Party members in every block reporting on subversive activity by his neighbors, and midnight knocks on the door by Obama Greenshirts. The electoral system has failed, fallen to massive fraud and victim envy. All hail to Caesar, and may God have mercy on our souls.


Obama re-elected Rex

No more the sacred Roman Lex

No more a castle is the home

DC now like the Nero Rome

With purple togas now for sale

The rest of us beyond the Pale

Our Caesar rules by Diktat now

He cares not if the Congress scowl

A New World Order he will bring

Beginning with the Arab Spring

An Order where you will be tracked

Technology that Nero lacked

Re-education camps for all

Who dare to read the words of Paul

He wears a crown of leaves of Larch

And worries not of Ides of March


A Curse

After World War2 Holland, out of compassion and sense of obligation, invited Muslims from Indonesia, formerly the Dutch East Indies, into their country, and immediately had to deal with Muslim attempts to subvert the Dutch culture and government. Malmo, the second largest city in Sweden, is now effectively a Muslim city, where the law of Sweden does not apply. The city of Hamburg has just given its Muslim population rights no other citizen of Germany has. The declining native white birth rate throughout Europe, if maintained, guarantees a Muslim Europe in two or three generations. There is still time, but is there the will to reverse the slide to national extinction?


Before things get better

They always get worse

The age of compassion

Has been a great curse

To help third world Muslims

By bringing them in

Resulted in what they

Have just always have been

The age of compassion

Has run its cruel course

The first world is stuck now

We’ll never use force

To send them all back to

Wherever they came

We’re losing our countries

And we are to blame

It’s not just in Holland

It’s now everywhere

The first world is losing

And none seem to care


The End Of The World

Tomorrow, December 21st, the Winter Solstice, is the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar, at least as some have interpreted it. The date is given, but not the how. Will we be hit by a giant asteroid? Will the Earth suddenly stop spinning and everything fly off into space? No one knows. In Russia and China people are stocking up on candles because they say December 21 will be the start of three consecutive days and nights of darkness. Pretty small potatoes compared to the extinction of all life. If tomorrow is the last day for all of us, then I better get my Verse-afire post up early.


The gods will say “Hiya!”

According to Maya

Whose calendar tells us the tale

Of when the world’s ending

The date it is pending

And ends with a sigh not a wail

But there’s a distinction

Between mass extinction

And darkness three nights in a row

And while I can handle

Dim light from a candle

I much prefer bright light to low

But then just consider

How sad and quite bitter

We’d be if an asteroid struck

I wouldn’t be lyin’

Catastrophe Mayan

Would just be my kind of bad luck



Watching a pair of grey squirrels gambol through the unleaved trees this morning, I was struck by how like our government those squirrels were. Racing out on the slimmest of limbs, then leaping into the air and grabbing onto an even slimmer limb, all apparently blissfully unaware of the thirty foot drop to the ground below. The only difference I could see between the squirrels and our government is that the squirrels were gamboling with their lives and our government is gambling with ours.


The White House thinks squirrels

Are why the Earth whirls

While Congress says fish are to blame

That leaping from limbs

And circular swims

Are cause of Earth’s rotating game

So what must we think

Of this vast missing link

Who live at taxpayer’s expense

I speak of the crowd

For crying out loud

Who govern though lacking in sense

The White House contains

The shredded remains

Of policies stupid and dumb

And Congress of course

Has less sense than a horse

If they had any pulse they’d be numb

The bureaucracies too

Just may have a few

Dim bulbs lesser minds see as pearls

Yes the folks we elect

Are so far from select

That we’re better off governed by squirrels

Unlike squirrels when they leap

They close eyes as in sleep

And that’s how our government works

White House leaps from the limbs

Congress goes for long swims

With the difference that squirrels get no perks


A Sickly Girl

The Obama administration desperately wants to keep word of what happened at the Benghazi consulate from reaching the ears of the American public. The latest tactic in the cover up is the refusal of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to tell Congress what she undoubtedly knows. And the reason she advances for being unable to appear before Congress is because she fainted and hit her head and suffered a concussion. How convenient. Something was going on in the building in Benghazi, and it wasn’t processing visas. Something was going on that the administration desperately wants to keep quiet. Why else would they have persisted in the absurd story that a mob set the consulate on fire and killed four Americans including the Ambassador to Libya because they disapproved of a homemade video that nobody saw? What was going on in that building? Why did it take the FBI over a week to enter the smoking ruins? What needed to be cleaned up before they got there? Gun running to Syrian Islamic terrorists? Al Qaeda maybe?


A fainting spell

She is not well

And so she cannot speak to

Congress because

Here let us pause

She truly is too weak to

So now we know

She cannot show

And now she feels so badly

It’s just a shame

Her health’s to blame

If not she’d do so gladly

But we shall learn

The world will turn

And years will fly by quickly

The facts will out

There is no doubt

But right now she is sickly


Another Viet Nam

There are reports the Obama administration has put US ground troops on the Syrian border. One presumes the Iraq border, though Turkey might be an option, despite Erdogan and the Turkish leadership being Sharia law Israel hating Islamists who refused to allow our Fourth Infantry division to transit Turkish territory in the 2003 Iraq war, thus prolonging the war and costing American lives. Still, Barack is president now, and perhaps that is enough to quiet Islamist sensibilities. Wherever they are, if they are committed to Syria, we will find everybody on the ground there an enemy, including not only the Syrian army but the rebels Obama wants to win, as well as the rebels Obama does not want to win. Our guys will be fired at from all sides, and with the Obama administration’s rules of engagement will not be permitted to shoot back for fear of hitting somebody. The similarities to Viet Nam are striking. If our guys are committed we will have another Viet Nam, with no guarantee we won’t be taking casualties for another ten years.


Yes the similars are easy

Though the opposites attract

And there is no Gulf of Tonkin

Though the time scale does protract

When the combat boots hit shoreline

There is cheering and great show

Of the patriotic spirit

And the cry “The Hue to go!”

Ho Chi Minh is dead and buried

General Giap has hung ‘em up

And we haven’t fought Achilles

Since old Hector was a pup

In the Nam we knew we’re fighting

Little guys from way up north

And at times guys in pajamas

Laid ambushes and so forth

So if we put boots in Syria

We’d have the whole bunch to fight

And the killing Yank soldiers

Gives them all such great delight

I can see Obama order

All our guys to hunker down

Way out in the wilder boodnocks

Far from villages and town

Put them in the Bekaa Valley

From the hills there’s quite a view

And he’ll re-enact the drama

Of the French at Dien BienPhu