Ford’s Theater

At this writing it appears that Judge Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed for a seat on the United States Supreme Court, despite all the efforts of the Democrats and their willing liar, Christine Blasey Ford, to smear him with a false claim of rape when they were both in high school some thirty-six years ago. I spoke recently with my yet to be born great-great-grandson history professor, and asked him what happened at Ford’s theater. He looked at me quizzically and said, “There hasn’t been anything new since Stanton’s explosive correspondence with Booth was discovered some years ago.” I said, “Not that Ford’s theater, the Christine Blasey Ford’s theater.” “Ah, that,” he said. “That one is still talked about. There was an actual physical assassination in the first for political reasons, and an actual character assassination in the second, also for political reasons. It was ultimately shown that Senators Schumer and Feinstein had searched for many months for an accuser to come forward and destroy whomever President Trump nominated, who turned out to be Judge Kavanaugh. A woman named Ford was chosen and the plan was set in motion, at a time to obtain maximum effect. The effort failed but the Democrats trotted out other women who told their scripted lies to the Washington Post and the New York Times. It was all false, all a hit job, what the Democrats had been doing with every Republican Supreme Court nominee since Bork, and everyone knew it. The plot was ultimately unraveled and people went to jail, and Schumer and Feinstein were removed from the Senate, though many believed they should have been tried for treason or something. It finally ended, but it was great theater while it lasted.”

The theater beholds the play
The walls, the floor, the curtain
The actors, famous in their day
Know that one thing is certain
The play begins and then it ends
But always enters leftist
Is it a hit, well that depends
Who plays his role the deftest
The curtain falls, the stage goes dark
Due to exquisite timing
The losers go where dogs don’t bark
And Dems smile at the sliming
Bork was the first but not the last
Judge Thomas got his lynching
The GOP had held stern fast
With further seats now clinching
And so the future looms before
The New York Times will fool us
E Pluribus is now no more
But @MeToo won’t rule us