The Termite Hill

A recent study of all female termite colonies has shown that life can exist with only one gender, and radical feminism seems determined to bring this about by removing males from the process if not the planet, It is not clear that the sixties radical feminists had a fifty year plan to destroy the concept of gender and the science of biology, but that seems to be where we are heading. It began, innocently enough, with the demand that newspaper want ads stop listing jobs as male and female, arguing that jobs are neither male nor female and should not be listed as such. It seemed a small thing to most of us, and so it was done. From there the feminist agenda was enacted one salami slice at a time, until we reached the point where the very notion of male and female was scorned and ridiculed as just another humiliation imposed on society by the patriarchy. And so biology must go, since bi means two and everyone knows there is only one gender with 73 pronouns to illuminate the single gender’s unique differences. But what do we call that one gender? And what do the radical feminists call themselves? Certainly not feminists, though the few remaining masculinists among us may persist in calling them that. We do not yet know how this will all turn out, but we do know it will be whatever the feminists determine it will be, for their weapons are scorn and shame, and scorn and shame are lethal weapons to our current liberal male elites. But this is the optimistic view. Scorn and shame may not be enough. It is always possible they truly want to kill us.

To question the divinity
Of Abzug and Friedan
Was not within the power of
Your average mortal man
To do so was to cause all of
The left to be inflamed
And subject you to the torment
Of being scorned and shamed
And so their message gathered steam
And now that’s where we are
Some seven decades later and
We find we’ve come too far
To turn the clock of progress back
To times when men were men
And woman was the reason why
We fell in love, but then
The times have changed it seems for good
And always men are blamed
For masculine obsessions and
Forever scorned and shamed
It turns out genders are passé
We’re one under the skin
With male and female a construct
Not different, just kin
Yet while the women still insist
Male privilege be named
We still must call them ladies or
We’ll be both scorned and shamed
Yes that will do for now, they smile
As wine glasses they fill
To drink a toast to all  us males
Inside the termite hill