A Comic Book World

We live in a comic book political world, one most of us don’t like when looking at what the country will become if the radical left succeeds in imposing its agenda. The current Administration is determined to reward those who put it in power, and punish those with whom they disagree. Already we see the country changing. The Federal Government has taken over General Motors and given it to the unions, the finest health care system the world has ever seen is now going to be run by bureaucrats in DC, and I have no doubt the Administration will rescue the NY Times and other papers from bankruptcy with taxpayers’ money, rewarding the President’s admiring legions of hero worshipping journalists. But we have our own heroes. We are not alone. We can stop this headlong rush to this government run and government owned left wing utopian paradise. We can stop it because our heroes are with us. The left seems determined to turn the country into a left wing comic book world, but they forget the comic book heroes are on our side.



Boys have heroes, we all did

Cowboys, pirates, Captain Kidd

Heroes teach you to be strong

Don’t sell short, always go long

Don’t see clouds, see sunny days

Just think of all the many ways

Our childhood prepped us to be tasked

For things we answer to when asked

I know there’s times we all despair

When we all think, does no one care?

But someone does, that someone’s you

You care because your heroes true

Are with you now, and always will

Be with you till your breath is still

Be not afraid, they smile and say

Be Captain Midnight for a day

So what if you can’t save the world

Or charge the foe with flags unfurled

If we but look we’ll reckon us

A force when heroes beckon us

To save our country from the left

Who plan to leave our kids bereft

Of everything that we hold dear

Instill in them the things we fear

Captain Marvel we don’t need

Or e’en the Flash with all his speed

We’ll do this job because we can

United we ARE Superman



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