A Good First Step

President trump removed a deeply politically compromised Director of the FBI, Jim Comey, and the Left reacted as if Trump had said something derogatory about Josef Stalin. They went bat fecal matter crazy, anointing Comey the latest martyr in Trump’s war against civilization, notwithstanding that the day before the firing the Left considered Comey a piece of vermin and calling for his removal from office and instant immolation. But we expect nothing else from the Democrats. They will do anything and say anything in their attempt to remove a lawfully and fairly elected president they have a completely irrational hatred for from office. They will oppose every nomination, every action and every attempt by Trump to govern, but the firing of Jim Comey was a good first step. And thanks to Harry Reid, President Trump only needs 51 votes to drain the swamp.

If sixty votes you cannot muster
Thank Reid for no more filibuster
If leftist workers can’t be fired
Make sure that they are never hired
Since building big is what you do
Build a big ark and two by two
Show lefty Dems to the gangplanks
And get a grateful nation’s thanks
Get tough and whip your guys in line
Pay no attention when they whine
Talk the talk and talk it straight
Don’t listen to the fourth estate
Full speed ahead, let’s get ‘er done
Remember Austerlitz, the sun
That shines upon the bold, the strong
And carries all the rest along

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