A Man Can Always Dream

A Bulgarian man named Dinko Valev has annoyed ISIS to the extent of having a fifty thousand dollar bounty offered to anyone who will kill him. Whatever could he have done? It seems he acted in accordance with his Bulgarian heritage.

The Bulgars were a Turkic tribe who moved from place to place
Who moving West took up with Huns and settled down in Thrace
A peaceful folk who sometimes spent a quiet month or two
Studying for entrance to Constantinople U
The Central Asian horse tribes crossed the Volga then in strength
The Bulgars, Huns and Avars and the Slavs until at length
The Daddy of them all appeared, the Ottomans of course
Who found the Byzantines susceptible to men on horse
And as the Bulgars and the Slavs and Huns were horse tribes too
A mighty Caliphate was born and finally it grew
So strong it ruled the Great White Sea from Malta to the Horn
And Janissaries ruled the field though not of Othman born
But nothing lasts forever and the Caliphate was doomed
When Princip shot the archduke and the guns of August boomed
But Bulgars haven’t lost their thirst for danger and the prize
Of hearing enemies entreat for mercy with their cries
For ISIS offers fifty grand for Dinko Valev’s head
And set jihadis on his trail to see the man shot dead
Or maybe just behead him or set fire in a cage
What is it Dinko could have done to set off such a rage
Well Dinko is a migrant hunter, using dogs and guns
Along the Turkish border to stop dead these Muslim sons
From entering Bulgaria in what he sees as sport
Now ISIS wants him dead, defunct, expired, also mort
But Dinko cares not for the threat from ISIS and its ilk
For he remembers Sultans dressed in robes of flowing silk
And prancing snow white horses and the Janissary scream
Knowing nothing lasts forever but a man can always dream

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