A One Punch Fighter

A recent analysis of the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 claimed the invasion was doomed to failure from the start because only 10% of the German panzers would have mechanically survived the trip to Moscow over the horrific Soviet roadnet. This argument is facile at best. Reminds me of the first Desert Storm when every liberal posing as a military expert assured us that the Abrams tanks would stall out after ten miles because of sand in the filters. In the Spring of 1942 Hitler foolishly sent the panzers on a wild goose chase of a thousand miles to the Crimea, effectively taking them out of the war for the entire summer, and the panzers survived the horrific roadnet. The German army of WW2 was well trained, equipped and led, but was essentially a one punch fighter. When he hit you you went down, but if you got back up you could beat him. In similar fashion Obama is a one punch fighter, and now, thanks to the 2014 midterm elections, he’s down and he won’t get up.

He threw the punch and down we went
A trillion dollars was misspent
Obamacare was passed and meant
That hope and change had won
The Supreme Court then had its say
And once again he’d won the day
But something happened on the way
The fight was not quite done
The ’14 midterms saw defeat
Barackist legions in retreat
And down he went flat on his seat
No longer now the One

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