A Problem With Muslims?

Time magazine wonders if America has a problem with Muslims. The left of course would never wonder if Muslims have a problem with the United States. To the people at Time and to the so-called leftist chattering class everywhere, everything is always our fault. Do Muslims kill Americans for no reason than that they are Americans? Of course they do, but Time magazine cannot and will not ever see it that way. But others do. We do, and one day the tipping point will be reached and that will be the end of it.



They push old wheelchaired men off boats

They smile for cameras cutting throats

They kill at weddings, brides and grooms

They drag young women from their rooms

And stone them, laughing as they kill

While shouting it is Allah’s will

They hijack airplanes by the score

And throw the bodies out the door

They dress young kids in vests and bombs

And send the pictures to the moms

They cheer in streets as thousands die

As terror kills them from the sky

An embassy is no safe place

From this disgusting, vilesome race

With Muslims Time may have no beef

But one day we will take a leaf

From the big book of Muslim plays

And show them all the many ways

The West has found to kill a man

As quick and dirty as we can

We’re slow to anger, but we will

And one day soon there’ll be a kill

A thousand suns will burn the grass

And all the sand will turn to glass

For only then will terror end

We never break, but sometimes bend

But bend enough and something snaps

Just ask the Nazis and the Japs



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