A Rahm With A View

During the recent strike by the Teachers Union against the Chicago Public School system, Obama and Biden discuss the situation, in which the President is torn between his love for Rahm Emmanuel and his love for the Teachers Union.


I tell you, Joe, it’s kids this hurts

Think of the PhDs

We’ll lose if all these little squirts

Are sitting home at ease

While they should be a studying

Their Latin and their Greek

These teachers sure are muddying

Their lives now as we speak

It’s not as bad as you might think

Said Joe with goofy grin

Chicago schools just mainly stink

So better out than in

The kids can hang out on the streets

While pickets walk the line

And learn to dance them shufflin’ feets

The kids will be just fine

But Joe, Rahm frets about his fate

He’s caught between two sides

He has to set the union straight

To prove his bona fides

Joe says, with grin, that guys like us

Raise kids with all the tools

And that’s because our kids don’t bus

Or go to public schools


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