A Scrap Of Paper

The Obama administration is hell-bent on removing all nuclear weapons from the world, despite the fact that everyone knows if we disarm nobody else will, and we will be helpless to defend ourselves. In order to disarm us, the Obama administration is exploring ways of enacting treaties without the consent of two thirds of the Senate, as required by the Constitution. And they will probably succeed on bypassing the Constitution, as they have on a number of other things. I spoke to my liberal friend Montmorency, who was outraged that an old scrap of paper called the Constitution stood in the way of all the good and wonderful things Barack Obama is trying to do. “It will all change,” he said, “when Barack gets to pick three new Supreme Court justices in the next year or two. The twenty-second Amendment will be declared unconstitutional, and once re-elected in 2016 Barack will assume the office of President for Life. And in the meantime, on that happy day we have completely disarmed, the world will shine as brightly as a thousand suns.” He walked away, whistling happily, but not before he handed me the following rhyme.


The Constitution gets no raves

‘Twas writ by white guys who owned slaves

And kept the black man sick and poor

It’s time we shoved it out the door

And gave the power to the guy

Who won it all on his first try

And won again against all odds

And joined the pantheon of gods

We don’t need nukes we don’t need planes

We’re for Barack, he cures our pains

He’ll lead us to those sunlit lands

Where cokes are free and laughing bands

Of folks like me now rule the place

And will with help of Barack’s grace

Unite the world in peace and love

We’ll trade the eagle for the dove

The history books will surely show

That in these times the golden glow

Of our Barack has lit the way

And so once more I simply say

The Constitution, Supreme Court

And Congress we shall all abort

You’ll see quite soon just what I mean

Election night twenty sixteen