A Stab In The Back

Wall Street is turning against President Obama, the man they supported overwhelmingly in 2008. From 70% of all Wall Street donations to Democrats in 2008 to 32% of all donations to Democrats in 2010, Wall Street has shown it has now seen the face of Barack Obama and they don’t like it. They don’t like the new Financial bill, and they don’t like the Democrats’ resumption of the class warfare theme portraying Wall Street as the villain. Obama believes he has been stabbed in the back by his Wall Street friends. But that’s because Obama is incapable of believing anything he does has consequences. 



Why did you stab him in the back

They asked me many times

And though they put me on the rack

I can’t confess my crimes

For loyalty’s a sometime thing

And honesty a curse

For what does blind devotion bring

But harsh ride in a hearse

I see no wrong in what I’ve done

You truly have no case

We thought him the Anointed One

But now we’ve seen his face



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