A Stinking Corpse

The wave of populism sweeping the United States and Western Europe is the result of decades of abuse, disdain and contempt by the left for the people who work, pay their taxes and salute the flag. In the United States the Democratic Party lies writhing in the streets, a rotting, stinking corpse. From the election of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 until the election of Richard Nixon in 1968, the Democratic Party was dominant politically, economically and culturally. But after the loss of the 1968 elections the Democratic Party was captured by the Radical Left, and that led to the conservative southern Democrats to switch allegiance and become Republicans, which led inevitably to what the Left always does when it gains power, it becomes ever more radical, even as power slips away, leading to violence and insurrection. All of which leads also inevitably to writhing and shrieking in the streets, only dimly aware as yet that they are a rotting, stinking corpse. In Europe the common people have risen against rule by unelected leftist bureaucrats and a childless political leftist elite that seems determined to turn their countries and their culture over to strangers. In both the United States and Europe the populist wave is fueled by anger and revulsion by the common people finally fed up with being spat on and strangled by leftism and its ever more fascist ideology.

The US Left is not the first
But they may be the very worst
The Federalists gave up the game
The Anti-Federalists the same
The Whigs have come and they’re no more
And now the Dems add to the score
In Europe Brussels calls the tune
But they’ll be gone and none too soon
Westphalia will rise again
Restored by hardnosed fighting men
Leftism leads to writhing death
With shrieks of pain-filled dying breath
Leftism always rots and warps
Until it’s just a stinking corpse