A Treasonous Face

The Republican House of Representatives has finally stiffened its spine and is about to create a Select Committee to look into the Benghazi fiasco. Angela Merkel, meanwhile, has blown the whistle on the US eavesdropping on her personal phone calls and is blazing mad. The wheels of the gods grind slowly, and now the wheels are grinding exceeding fine. But worst of all, for the Obama administration, the press is beginning to turn and ask an embarrassing question or two. If Maureen Dowd and the New York Times jumps the reservation all is lost. It is all coming apart for Barack Hussein Obama and his crowd of Mao admirers and communist/fascist apparatchiks. They know it, and will very soon attack each other in order to save themselves, but to no avail. The ship is sinking and the rats cannot get off. The mask is about to be pulled off the Obama administration, and it will reveal a treasonous face.

The White House squad stands silent at attention
The gofers and the aides and power crowd
Their muskets loaded, cocked and at spring tension
All waiting for the word from Maureen Dowd
That it is time to clean the house of vermin
To disinfect the premises toot sweet
To get the facts that shortly will determine
That all of them be thrown out in the street
They eye each other thinking who will get me
And should I steal a march and fire first
I’ll try to cop a plea if Congress lets me
One shot and quickly all the bubbles burst
The tension reaches boiling in the circle
As Carney eyes the Power and the Rice
Joe Biden grins and blows a kiss to Merkel
Who stands aside and calmly rolls the dice

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