A Visitor From Space

One of the largest comets ever to pass by Earth is headed our way, and will be several times brighter than the full moon during November and December 2013.  Named ISON by astronomers, the comet is calculated to pass by Earth sometime in December.  But what if it doesn’t pass us by?  Maybe the Mayans were off by a year.


A big time giant comet

Is enough to make me vomit

It can only be the death star on its way

It is surely Armageddon

Based upon the way it’s headin’

But I’m sure ‘twill look just great o’er Galway Bay

But the experts say don’t worry

It’s in such a big time hurry

That the sun will surely turn to gas its ice

Turning skies to flaming colors

Some to brilliants some to dullers

Leading some to scan the sky and say “That’s nice”

Then it disappears like magic

For a comet’s life is tragic

For a hundred million years it roams free space

Then it runs into resistance

Say that sun there in the distance

Then it’s gone but there’s another takes its place