A Wicked Place

The world is a wicked place, the cynic would say, with corruption and debauchery at every turn. But there has always been corruption and debauchery, and always will be. The problem with being cynical is that the cynic never looks in the right places, for if he did he would find that corruption and debauchery are trumped by goodness and laughter. It all depends on where you look.

The world is such a wicked place
The cynics smugly say
The leadership is a disgrace
Corruption rules the day
Our leaders have a hidden face
We see not the decay
And willingly we just grimace
And let them have their way
But cynicism is, at base
A death wish on delay
A loser’s game in any case
Though cynics may say nay
In truth this world is full of grace
With flowered fields in May
And little girls dressed all in lace
As children laugh and play

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