A Young Man’s Lament

Stories are now emerging of people who thought they were covered under Obamacare being turned away by the hospital because there was no record of them being insured, and other stories of people discovering that they not only have to pay a higher premium than their previous health care insurance, but they now have a deductible so high they might as well not have any insurance at all. One of the problems is you sign up online and never sign on the dotted line, simply speaking your name. I spoke to a young man who had recently signed up for Obamacare, and who thought he was insured until he got to the clinic and found out he wasn’t. He sobbed as he told me his sad tale.

If only I had listened when my momma said to me
The world is cruel and honesty’s a lie
I would have been much better off than I appear to be
For I believed I’d get my share of pie
I signed up for Obamacare and thought that I was fine
I  picked a plan that seemed to fit my case
I spoke my name real clear just like it was a dotted line
And never spoke to someone face to face
Well come the time I felt so poorly something needed done
And to the clinic quickly did I go
The lady sighed and told me I was not the only one
That there were things I simply did not know
First off she said insurance wise Obamacare’s a lie
You think you’re covered but of course you’re not
And even if you were you’d have deductibles so high
That come right down to it son you got squat
My momma shook her head and said you voted for him son
And now you find the price was much too high
You trusted that snake charmer and you warnt the only one
The world is cruel and honesty’s a lie

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