Action And Reaction

For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. This is an old wives tale that applies only when the subject of the action reacts, which the Obama administration seems incapable of. China is stirring, using its new found muscle to intimidate its neighbors, demanding rights to islands and minerals claimed by others, notably Japan and the Philippines. The Philippines has a handful of old American Coast Guard cutters, but the Japanese are another matter. The Japanese, recognizing that the American umbrella has been folded and put in the closet by Obama, now know they must re-arm, and that means the creation of a new Imperial Japanese Navy.


When China stirs ever so slight

Their neighbors look around in fright

To see if someone strong is standing by

And heretofore a strong man stood

Prepared to do the things that would

Dissuade the Chinese and they did not try

For in the distance they could see

That big gray ships kept others free

And so the region kept a wary peace

But now the big gray ships are gone

The sun sees now an empty dawn

And China sees its plans have a new lease

And so the Japanese must arm

And put their ships in way of harm

And gather little folks under their wing

Who looking ‘round in wonder hear

The East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere

Is back as though the war meant not a thing


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