An Imperceptible Perception

I was born in the first year of the Herbert Hoover administration, and thus have witnessed the imperceptible slide of my country and its people from the comfort of my easy chair. The perception of the Great Depression by a small boy has no bearing on the reality of the Depression, but by the end of World War 2 my view of the country and its people was colored by the perception of infinite might and promise. Instead, starting in the 1960s, I witnessed a slow dissolve into identity politics and the collapse of the Democratic Party into the party of the Radical Left with the accession into power of Senator George McGovern, who was the floor leader in 1948 of the Democratic convention presidential candidate Henry Wallace, a Stalinist fellow traveler. In 1972 McGovern was the Democratic Party nominee for president, and even though he was crushed by Nixon in the 1972 election, the country had reached a hinge point. The Democratic Party was now completely captured by the Hard Left with the abandonment of the Southern Democrats to the Republicans, leaving no conservative voices at all in the Democratic Party. And that is where we are today. In my lifetime we have gone, imperceptible, from a democratic republic to a democratic peoples’ republic, where the Left pursues the goal of permanent and absolute power. I am inclined to believe I will live to see a time when the Constitution will be amended to allow only the Democratic Party to rule, and I will no doubt be forced to tip my hat every morning to my local neighborhood commissar.

Perception is reality
Reality perception
We live in times of smiley talk
But all is cold deception
The president will try his best
To change our stark condition
But Trump is but a small speed bump
On the dark road to perdition