Strawberry Blonds

Oh what tangoed webs we weave, when first we practice to…well, you know. Barack Hussein Obama has tippy-toed through the tulips for six years, leaving behind him a sobbing gaggle of would-be strawberry blonds, every one of whom believed him to be the Waltz King, the bringer of light to a dimming world, only to find he meant a dhimming world. To the old tune Casey Would Waltz With A Strawberry Blond (And The Band Played On). The strawberry blonds, of course, are our former allies, all of whom Obama has destroyed in his fiery dance of destruction across the Middle East.

Barack would waltz with the strawberry blonds
And the band played on
He’d glide ‘cross the floor with the ‘Ranian whore
While the band played on
His dance card was loaded and when it exploded
Josh Earnest cried there’s no alarm
O buried the girls with the strawberry curls
And the band played on

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