And The Band Played On

Obama threatened to attack Syria for gassing its own people, then made a quick about face and struck a secret deal with Iran to remove the sanctions that were crippling Iran, all the while knowing the sarin gas attack on Syrian civilians was done by the rebels and not Assad. Meanwhile, the Iran deal has come apart more or less instantly as the Mullahs say they will continue running the centrifuges and thank you for lifting the sanctions. Obama is a world class dancer. He glides across the floor with the one he adores, himself, and believes himself to be the master of the universe. He is not the master of anything, and everyone knows it, but meanwhile the dance continues.

 To the tune of Casey Would Waltz With A Strawberry Blonde

Barack would waltz with the Mullahed Iran
And the band played on
He waltzed cross the floor and he’d beg and implore
While the band played on
He’d beg and he’d plead till the Mullahs agreed
To stop and to not make a bomb
He tarried the while all the Mullahs would smile
And the band played on
The centrifuge spun as the Anointed One
Watched the band play on
He cried that the deal was forever and real
And the band played on
The test bomb exploded, the missiles were loaded
And Israel shook with alarm
With nary a glance O continued to dance
And the band played on

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