And The Winner Is

The rise of the cult of identity grievances and racial politics has taken us, in Dallas, to the first tiny steps in the coming race war, and the leftist war on the white middle class has taken us to the brink of a political revolution that so far is a peaceful one. Are these two trains destined to collide head-on? And if they do, will it be a peaceful collision?

We see the killers in our minds
Composed of many different kinds
Of people with their grievance set
In stone with goals that can’t be met
We see the snipers sitting high
On buildings dark against the sky
The targets large in sniper sights
And only bullets now have rights
But who will lose and who’ll have won
We’ll know at setting of the sun
When losers shuffle on the planks
Where nooses stand in serried ranks
The job complete, well, in a way
Although an onlooker might say
That doesn’t it seem very strange
That nothing seems at all to change

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