Au revoir, Auf wiedersehen And Goodbye

Au revoir, auf wiedersehen and goodbye. Or, put another way, ave atque vale. French, German, English or Latin, it all means the same – it’s over. The long and mostly illustrious history of the European people who gave the world common law, orchestral music, art and science, medicine and technology, is coming to an inglorious end. Britain is already a third world country, Sweden is already lost to the Muslim, the German Chancellor insists on national suicide by Muslim immigration, the United States will soon be bi-lingual and balkanized, and the latest French government statistics show that twenty-five percent of all French teenagers are Muslim. Assuming these trends continue, and there is no indication they will not, Muslim fertility and a below replacement European birthrate leads inevitably to Western Europe being majority Muslim in two or three generations, with no escaping the calamity.

There is no if but only when
A man just shrugs and says that then
He’ll say goodbye to all of that
And don his coat, put on his hat
And close the blinds and lock the door
And see his homeland nevermore
Internal exile is the lot
Of those who think that what he’s got
Is his by right and thus secure
From others who can see that you’re
A weakling man who will not fight
For home and family out of fright
That some will see a rightward trend
That says that all are not your friend
And so Geert Wilders died in vain
With Muslim killings all in train
While killers laugh at the supine
Elites insisting all is fine
Goodbye to you, the land of birth
Of greatest men to walk this Earth
Charles Dickens, Einstein, Bohr
Martel and Marlowe, many more
Puccini, Verdi, Mozart, Bach
Krag and Mauser, Enfield, Glock
The list is long, the time is short
The Pill, the culture-led abort
Has led to this sad, sorry state
So au revoir, it’s goodbye mate

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