Battle Him For The Republic

Just finished watching President Obama deliver the State Of The Union message to the assembled Congresscritters. With soaring rhetoric and darting teleprompter eyes, the president, to the cheers of his adoring minions, delivered an hour and twenty minutes of …nothing much in particular. Oh, he called for an end to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and promised to fix all the messes the evil and incompetent George Bush left behind, and promised to go marching on and over the cliff with healthcare and carbon taxes to strangle the economy, but by and large it was a wasted hour and twenty minutes. Lincoln he wasn’t. The Battle Hymn Of The Republic it wasn’t. Except for one thing: he did promise to go marching on.   



Mine eyes have seen the glory

Of the coming of Our Lord

He is trampling out our freedoms

Calling us to climb aboard

Yes our wallets He is lightening

As debts terribly swift soared

His truth is marching on



Glory, glory Christmas bomber

The system worked so let’s stay calmer

It was just a false Allahmer

His truth is marching on


We have seen him bow to Saudis

He says he will show us how

We have seen him claim that peace is ours

If we surrender now

We have seen the holy power

Of that intellectual brow

His truth is marching on



Glory, glory Tony Rezko

Winds him up to watch the prez go

Soros smiles and then he says go

And O goes marching on



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