Biden, The Taliban And the Prez

President Obama and Vice-president Joe Biden discuss the Middle East and other vexing questions, though the president was not amused when Biden told Newsweek that the Taliban were now our friends.


I tell you Joe, Obama smiled

Al Qaeda’s dead are being piled

In heaps and mounds all over this fair globe

Our drones are taking out the guys

Who think they’re safe but quel surprise

We see them for there’s no where we can’t probe

But then of course there’s the stray cat

Who somehow stays alive and that

Is something we are working on right now

We’re winning, Joe, just stay the course

The world sees we’re the strongest horse

And for all this I just might take a bow

You’re right, said Biden with a grin

Benghazi was a happy win

We blamed it on some unknown little boob

And everyone who’s on our side

Lined up and truly helped us hide

The facts and helped us blame it on YouTube

That Newsweek now, Obama frowned

I tell you Joe, it left me browned

You said the Taliban were now our friends

Now how can I send in the drones

The only way I make my bones

I use those means to justify my ends

Agendas, Joe, means what’s in store

The world is watching, keeping score

They see the Middle East is coming down

I want Iran to get the bomb

I watch events with calm aplomb

And Joe, I like you much but you’re a clown


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