The FBI has recently told the American cartoonist Molly Norris, who urged everyone to join her in a Draw Mohammed Day, to give up her job, her family and her life and go into hiding because of death threats from the adherents of the religion of peace, enraged that she would blaspheme the prophet. It’s past time we stopped kneeling before these bastards and baring the neck to the blade and took it to them, breaking their thuggish religion and sixth century world into little pieces and throwing the rotten carcass to the pigs. .  



Mohammed was a paedophile

We’ve known it now for quite a while

A murderer and crook as well

Who surely now rests warm in hell

I say this knowing well that I

Could be the next in line to die

For blaspheming the man this way

But I am proud to have my say

Let Allah’s minions do their worst

In which case I won’t be the first

But unafraid I post my words

And wait upon jihadi herds

My blog is there for all to see

A blog stuffed full of blasphemy

I’m safe as hiding in the weeds

I have a blog nobody reads



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