Bleak House

The Republican Party seems destined to a Dickensian existence, a Party of Oliver Twists who, in a quavering voice and with tear dimmed eyes, forever beg the Democrats for more gruel. The Democrats, the Party of Fagin, continue to steal our liberty and to endanger the country, with the Artful Dodger played by Barack Obama.

Now reduced to such slim pickins’
With the Parties run by Dickens
Republicans have no one else to blame
But their soft as putty leaders
So that even Dickens readers
Can’t think of one Republican by name
Who stands up for the Bill of Rights
While Dems have lined up in their sights
The Constitution and the rule of law
Incumbency has made them weak
Of Dem crimes they will hardly speak
While ravens on Reid’s shoulders smile and caw
Yes the country’s changing, brother
And it looks like in another
Election cycle we will see the end
We’re the old last generation
Who still hold in veneration
The country’s values Dems can’t comprehend
And the GOP stands idle
With their hands not on the bridle
As Leftist propaganda fairly dinned
Yes the GOP is broken
Their protests a whining token
And we know that they’re just pissin in the wind

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