Blue Bayou

Mary Landrieu, Democrat senator from Louisiana, the woman who cast the 60th and deciding vote for Obamacare, facing certain defeat in a runoff election against her Republican opponent on 6 December and the loss of a senate seat she believes is hers by divine right, tried to resuscitate her dead political life by calling for a yes vote on the Keystone pipeline. Her Democrat colleagues turned her down, voting no. Obama, ever solicitous, tried to put his arm around her, but she would not be comforted. She was, quite naturally, enraged at what Obama and Obamacare had done to her.

With savage screams she lit a star
And flung it in his face
Scarring him with incandescent flame
And shrieked with laughter from afar
As standing in his place
A pile of smold’ring ash, but just in case
The hellish fire of the sun
Had not quite done its work
She kicked the ash and screamed, “Your epitaph!
You led me on, said you’re the One
You smirking little jerk!”
Recoiling as she heard his brittle laugh
“You’re going down,” Obama said,
“Though that was not my wish
The Senate’s lost and I say that is that
I’m sorry your career is dead
But now you’ve burnt my hat
Goodbye my dear and thanks for all the fish”
A gesture and a shock wave flung
Her clear across the sky
Past galaxies that darkened as she passed
‘Twas over now, the songs all sung
At least she knew the why
She lost because that damn vote that she cast
Upon a rock she came to rest
In deepest, darkest space
And there she sat, but fearful of the worst
Obama said, “It’s for the best
Your vote cost you disgrace
But know, my dear, my legacy comes first”

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