Body Bags

The summer of 1916 saw the Western allies preparing for the great summer offensive that would end the war. In the British sector, Haig planned the breakthrough along the Somme River, beginning with a weeklong bombardment by 1500 guns designed to kill every German in their trenches just a short walk east of the British lines. When the barrage lifted the Pals Battalions climbed out of their trenches and were mowed down by German machine-gunners, untouched in their deep bunkers by the bombardment, killing 19,000 British soldiers in a single morning. There will be no future Sommes, at least not in the details, but there are those pressing for war by NATO against Russia over its incursion into Ukraine, and NATO means the United States, whose army has been so greatly reduced in size and readiness by Obama that one fears the result of the current US Army facing such a formidable opponent on his home turf. Do we really want our little girls to come home in body bags? The feminists do, and the Left does, all in the name of fairness, all in the name of opening up military careers previously denied women, as if the military were just another corporation or law firm. The military is there to fight and win wars, and the denial of women to be in the combat military is, or was,  based on the immutable nature of gender that makes women unsuitable for the physical demands of combat. The feminization of the military has gone on for decades, to the point where women have assumed very high command positions in the combat arms, and hundreds of flag rank officers have been dismissed by Obama and replaced by sycophants whose only qualification for command is race and gender. A recent ruling by the Obama administration allowing the transgendered into the military completes the circle of the suicidal insanity begun by the feminists and their leftist male colleagues. Had half the 101st Airborne been women and transgendered would they have held Bastogne? To ask the question is to answer it. The Somme offensive saw hundreds of small villages across Britain lose every young man in one morning. A land war with Russia will result in thousands of body bags filled with young women coming home. Losing a son in war is terrible enough, but losing a daughter to feminist ideology is not to be borne.

The big four engine cargo plane
Lands safely and on time
And taxis to the color guard
Her cargo almost home
The flag draped casket comes to rest
On tarmac that has seen
So many aircraft in its time
That brought the cargo home
The hearse receives its occupant
And leads the mourners out
From Dover and the sad-draped flags
To see the cargo home
The gravesite hides the new-turned earth
With green hued plastic grass
Her parents watch with tear red eyes
Their little girl now home

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