Bombs Away? No Way

President Obama has redefined the posture of the United States regarding our use of nuclear weapons if we are attacked. Every president post World War 2 has kept our options open in case of attack, but not Obama. He has now declared, all by himself, that should the United States suffer a massive chemical or biological attack we will not retaliate with nuclear weapons, so long as the attacker has signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. I can see it now: an American city is hit with a massive biological attack, hundreds of thousands dead, and Obama calls in the lawyers to determine if the attacker is in compliance with the NNT, with all paperwork up to date. If so, then we presumably retaliate with bombs and bullets, taking care lest we hurt a civilian. Obama has just put a great big bull’s-eye on our backs, but he’s cool with that. For Obama it’s all just a game, and losing has no consequences.



It’s just a game, it’s just like hoops

Or so Obama says

The ball comes in the paint, I score

That’s why I am the prez

We used to press them man to man

Sometimes we used a zone

But now it’s time to change our schemes

For defense of my own

I’ll tell the world that we won’t fight

Come hit us if you like

So long as you just only use

A biologic strike

We’re standing down our nukes you see

And hoping all goes well

And hoping others do the same

But only time will tell

We’re up by one, they have the ball

One second left to play

I’ve lost my man, he shoots, he scores

Oh well, it’s not my day



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