Brass Knuckles Or Scratch My Back?

Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Bart Stupak (D-MI), sent a letter to 52 health insurers requesting financial records for a House committee’s investigation. The letter warned the health insurers that the House Energy and Commerce committee was examining executive compensation and other business practices of the health insurance industry. This is clearly political intimidation, and if a Republican controlled House committee tried such a thing the MSM would never let us hear the end of it. But the display of Democrat brass knuckles barely merited a mention in the lap-dog press. But there may be more to it than simply trying to get the health insurance providers to stop opposing socialized health care. It is always possible the congresspersons are looking out for themselves. 



Now let me see, the Chairman mused

Faint smile upon his lips

It seems to me that you’ve abused

Our taking little trips

On corporate jets to places where

There’s girls and money too

And while that’s neither here nor there

I’ll tell you what I’ll do

I’ll overlook a little bit

Your opposition now

And tell you how I think you’ll fit

Into our plans somehow

We may be forced to have a look

Into your books you know

To see if you, by hook or crook

Are playing with the dough

But with your help we can avoid

Unpleasantness and strife

You know the President’s annoyed

And you may say that’s life

But come on board with all his men

Support his plans right now

And we can take your jet and then

Have fun in Curacao



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