Burning Rain

The International Left regularly flies their private jets into the Swiss town of Davos to plan our lives for us, knowing, as they do, that we are stupid and easily led. The Left seized power in the West and proceeded to implement their economic philosophy which, broadly speaking, said that the government knew better than the markets how to regulate the economy. Proven wrong by repeated collapses of their economic model, they refuse to abandon their ideology and instead apply more of the remedy that caused the severe economic problems in the first place. The only thing that will change them is to see first-hand the town of Davos consumed by burning rain.

Black darkling clouds, wild shifting winds
Papered dollars dance in streets
While huddled by their golden doors
Cringe deep in fear cry the Elites
Fierce burning rain begins to fall
So lightly first, then pelting fast
The all-consuming fire bursts
The bubble that it all would last
The golden doors melt in the blaze
With nothing safe the blazing rain
Burns out the arrogance of those
Who thought the world was theirs to gain

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