Button Up Your Overcoat

A cold wind generated by grass-roots Tea Party activism is blowing, and incumbents of the more liberal persuasion of both parties, but particularly Democrats, are buttoning up their overcoats. Dems who thought just one year ago that they were safe for life are deciding in droves not to run, the at home political climate is so cold and biting. Political writer Charley Cook now estimates that over 90 Dem House seats are now in play, and daily polls confirm that the public has had enough of Obama socialism, debt, taxes, arrogance and incompetence. I expect the Republicans to resurrect their 1946 mid-term campaign slogan HAD ENOUGH?



Button up your overcoat

When the wind blows free

Take good care of yourself

It is time to flee

Dissociate yourself

From the falling tree

Take good care of yourself

It is time to flee

Remember no more suites, mmm mmm

Swank retreats, mmm mmm

No repeats, mmm mmm

You try again we’ll bury your tum tum

Stay away from cap and trade

Health care’s not the key

Stuff your hopey new change

It is time to flee



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