Camel Farts

We left our two Arab friends from a previous post (What Have You Done For Me Lately) – August 18), discussing Obama by their desert fire and preparing for bed, undecided whose camel would be queen for the night. We find them the following morning around the breakfast fire still talking about Obama and how he has disappointed them and the entire Ummah.


I tell you sir, the first man said

He promised us the earth

He promised he would kill the Jews

He hasn’t proved his worth

I much prefer that Farsi guy

He’s nuts, I like his style

Not Arab, no, but that’s okay

He’s full of cunning guile

I quite agree, the other said

I’m disappointed too

You’d think a man who’s named Hussein

Would gladly kill the Jew

We’ve got to look for other guys

To lead us to the top

Not cheer us on one day and then

The next day tell us stop

I cannot stand a squishy man

No courage, no nor heart

I wouldn’t give him time of day

Or one small camel fart

And speaking thus of camel farts

The first man softly said

I know not what you feed your beast

But she farts all night in bed



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