Chicken Fat

The Obama administration, either out of being beholden to the environmentalists or out of the simple desire to cripple our military, has ordered the Navy to conduct this year’s maneuvers with all ships using fuel made from chicken fat recovered from deep fryers. And Obama forced the Navy to buy 450,000 gallons of gas at $16 a gallon from a green firm tied to Nancy Pelosi, who stands to make a lot of money from the deal. Just more green scams, like windmills and solar panels. Anything to keep the United States from drilling for its own oil and gas, the better to keep us in thrall to the Arab Middle East, and Obama’s pals. He did not kiss the ring of the Saudi king for nothing. The question is, when will this environmental insanity end?



Chicken fat now fuels our ships

Our planes and trucks and tanks

And pretty soon Obama will

Have all just shooting blanks

And stealthy drones will soon be made

From cut up chicken parts

And fueled by methane that we get

From harnessed chicken farts

The possibilities are such

As well to blow the mind

A chicken coop in every yard

Advancing chickenkind

A hundred billion chickens

Giving all for Uncle Sam

So Dems can close down nukes and oil

And we won’t give a damn

For we’ll be independent

Of the Saudis and their ilk

When we all parade down Broadway

With our tanks that run on milk


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