Chinese Takeout

For hundreds of thousands of years then, me boy
We humans ate what lions left
And never a one with their food did they toy
Because the hyenas were deft
At grabbing the carrion right from the hands
Of people who tarried until
They found themselves fighting off wild dogs in bands
Competing for their daily fill
For thousands of years most had little to eat
They feasted on berries and roots
And then someone planted some grasses called wheat
And dining while wearing blue suits
Along came the tables and candles and such
White napkins and forks by the plates
And whipped cream and butter produced by the Dutch
And places where you’d take your dates
To dine on roast beef or a fine prime filet
With veggies and warm fresh baked bread
Washed down with a sparkling white wine or Rose
At outrageous prices a head
Or maybe a fast food or maybe Chinese
Depending on how much you earn
Your wallet determines how greatly you please
A lady who’ll please you in turn
So eating bad food’s the historical norm
A mastodon dead in the grass
Or fast food or pate with soup cold or warm
It always depends on your class