Clean As A Whistle

People say Hillary made a mistake by scrubbing her server, but she was around during the Nixon years and heard the moans of the Nixon loyalists that Nixon should have destroyed the tapes, and she realizes that if he had he would still be president today. Acting upon the Nixon experience, Hillary very cleverly destroyed the evidence, and defies anyone to prove anything, knowing that for the Clintons it’s either you’ve got the goods or you don’t. With the Clintons it’s all about the evidence.

I’ve never heard a voice ring with such fervor
As that which shrilly cries that it’s her server
And she can do with it as she desires
And you can squeeze her nipples with sharp pliers
She screams what people say just makes her bristle
That server now is cleaner than a whistle
There’s nothing left to see, what does it matter
This talk of classified stuff’s idle chatter
You cannot stop a Clinton that’s for certain
You tried to take my husband down for flirtin’
We always win, I’ll get this nomination
And cement in our total domination
By winning in a landslide this election
And then we’ll see us take a new direction
Utopia for all and for forever
And all because that scrubbing was so clever

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