I spoke to a friend just the other day on the subject of conspiracies, and he said only a fool would believe the lies the authorities put out to cover up the truth. “Why can’t you see the truth?” he demanded.  “You can’t see it because you don’t want to see it, for the truth is too painful.” And then he broke into rhyme, if you can believe it.



What seems to you conspiracy

Is white hot truth to me

You’re told the truth but will not see

That who killed Kennedy

Was not that lonely, some say fey

Disturbed man, who that day

Was not in Dallas anyway

‘Twas done by CIA

And Lincoln, if you knew the truth

Would vanish quick, forsooth

If you accept someone uncouth

Had shot him, not poor Booth.

Pearl Harbor now, I’ll go so far

To tell things as they are

That whole gosh darn Pacific war

Is laid on FDR

And nine eleven, it’s not news

Poor Arabs we abuse

Believe or not as you may choose

It was done by the Jews

Conspiracies are more than that

They’re truth upon which sat

Authority that likes things pat

And keeps truth under hat

So don’t believe a word they say

Upon truth they do play

Authority lies every day

The truth gets in the way

So saying then he said goodbye

And winked, a little sly

And said the truth would make me cry

But not to wonder why


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