Dark And Gloomy

There are those who believe the world today is a dark and gloomy place, that Western civilization is in decline and soon to die. I don’t think things are this dark. Throughout history every society has produced a man who rises up to save the day. Cincinnatus, Themistocles, Washington, Lincoln, come instantly to mind. Of course the world has seen the Napoleons and Caesars as well, but so far we have avoided such a course, and there is every reason to believe we shall do so again. ISIS may not be the junior varsity in its region, but how long will they stand up against the full weight of the US Air Force and the Fourth Infantry Division? And that is what it will come to, and then it will be all over for ISIS, al Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas and all the rest, as well as every Muslim state allied with them.

When things look very dark and gloomy
The bravest say “Just leave it to me!”
The Left elites are still in power
But free men rise when comes the hour
To take a stand and grab a rifle
The world has found it’s not to trifle
With those Americans when pissed
Who put the names of those on lists
Who wind up pushing up green sod
And crying to unhearing God

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