Darkness At Noonan

Well known and more or less conservative columnist Peggy Noonan changed political positions during the 2008 election campaign and endorsed Barack Obama, though endorsed might be too weak a word. She swooned, is what she did. She fell head over heels in love with Obama, seeing him as the Savior of the world, the handsome, cool black man who would erase the racism she felt was still rampant in this benighted country. Five years later she now sees the error of her ways, and sees Obama for what he is, a corrupt Chicago politician, an incompetent president, and a man whose political agenda does not include the preservation of the United States or its Constitution. Peggy now begs forgiveness, and I sent her this letter

Dear Peggy,
You sit and think strategic thought
So wise you are, so eas’ly bought
The charlatan you deemed so wise
The cool man with beguiling eyes
You took it in, you bought the lie
And now a mea culpa sigh
That won’t erase the ham you’ve done
You’ve foisted on the world the One
Who knew you for the fool you are
You hitched your wagon to a star
That guttered but to you seemed bright
That brought not dawn but lasting night
No, Peggy dear, we saw you swoon
You gave to us this darkened noon

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