Darwin Man

Darwin explained evolution in terms of the survival of the fittest. The threat from radical Islam will test Darwin’s theory, as it will test the men of the West. At the moment it does not look all that good for the West, where the political class assumes it has no right to defend itself. Time will tell if we of the West are fit enough to survive as a free people. If we do not resist the murderous onslaught of Islam then we will be subsumed into the Islamic world as second class citizens with no rights in our own countries. That, of course, is the most benign scenario. The likeliest scenario is that surrender will lead to enslavement, a practice that Islam has always imposed on its vanquished enemy.



Darwin says that men and apes

Are cousins after all

With silverbacked and silver haired

Old men who can’t recall

The days of yore when they were young

And pretty as you please

They swung all night and then by day

They slept high in the trees

Those days are gone for Darwin man

Today he lacks the strength

To fight for what is his by right

And so, in time, at length

A stronger horse will come one day

And take the weak ape’s tree

The bell does toll for apes and men

And yes it tolls for thee



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