Dense Packed Snow

The Federal Government has expanded to the point where it will soon capsize the country. Federal employee unions have grown massively in numbers and power in recent years, and are the principal reason the Democrats win any elections at all. And for that reason the Democrats must continue to feed the monster, even as it threatens to consume us all. Under the past two years of the Obama administration, the number of Federal employees increased by 137,000, at a time the private sector lost millions of jobs and the unemployment rate was approaching ten percent. President Obama recently ordered a two year pay freeze on government employees, a mostly symbolic act, for the freeze will realize 28 billion dollars in savings over the two years, or a six-tenths of one percent reduction in the projected national debt of 4.52 TRILLION over the same period. There is a freeze coming, and it will affect all of us, not just federal employees. And the big problem with freezes is that freezes turn the gentle snow into treacherous ice.



Dense packed snow will turn to ice

As quickly as you please

Long time no raise will not be nice

Because of two year freeze

But think about the upside now

Forget the lefty shouts

We’ve got to get rid of somehow

Those bureaucratic louts

Who sit all day and dream of ways

To make life worse for all

Now we can sit and count the days

Before the blessed fall

Of bloated government and yes

Of bloated unions too

The Tea Parties will clean the mess

And turn Reds white and blue



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