Dhimming Lights

The lights are starting to dim in the Middle East. Tunisia and now Egypt, are about to join the current hard Islamic nations of Iran and Syria. Lebanon has been effectively taken over by Hizbollah and Gaza by Hamas. Saudi Arabia will join them as soon as it is apparent to the Saudis that the strong horse has spoken, and Turkey is drifting inexorably into line. The object of these hard Islamic terror based countries is the conquest of the West, by whatever means, and the turning of the Western populations into dhimmis, second class citizens in their own countries, unable to vote or own property, unable to work where they please or live where they please. Nothing short of a new Caliphate is the goal, with the capital most likely again in Greater Baghdad. The lights are dimming throughout the Middle East, and they are dhimming as well for us. And when Iran gets the bomb the lights will no longer be dimming, they will go out.



In 1914 it was said

The lights in chancelleries now burned

Throughout the night as events marched

To their conclusion as they must

And so they counted up their dead

As shells and mortars good earth churned

Leaving land now dead and parched

And living men turned into dust

And so again the lights turn low

The fertile crescent writhes and turns

The land between the rivers screams

And none can stay the coming thrust

We brace for what we do not know

Yet it shall come, the searing burns

And send the best of all our dreams

To their conclusion as they must


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