Many people, mostly women who elected Barack Obama, are now disillusioned. Women like Peggy Nonan and Camille Paglia cannot believe the god they voted for turned out to have not only feet of clay but a brain of clay as well. I spoke to a young woman today and asked what she thought of Obama now. She admitted a bit wistfully that she thought him godlike at first, but now she had some doubts. She shook her curls and started to sob.

I’m in like a disillusion
Said the pretty little thing
I worked my tail off for him and now look
It just looks like mass confusion
I know I’m a ding-a ling
But even I can see the road he took
Leads in every which direction
But there’s nowhere it arrives
It just meanders over hill and dale
I’m not looking for perfection
I’m all for the guy who strives
But I never thought that God could ever fail

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