Diversity And The Death Lottery

The New York City bicycle path murderer from Uzbekistan was here because he won a “diversity lottery”, a death lottery program obviously devised by someone who believed we did not have enough Muslim killers in our midst. What is destroying the West is not Islam, it is diversity. Islam could never defeat the West without the encouragement and cooperation of the West’s progressive political elite. When the British government released the results for the 2011 census the figures revealed that white Britons were a minority in their own capital city, that Britain’s Muslim population would overtake the native white population in measurable years and that the number of Muslims in the country was wildly underreported as millions of Muslims had not returned the census forms at all, as revealed by the paucity of returned forms from Muslim dominated neighborhoods and cities. All of this was greeted with hosannas by the political and media establishments, and celebrated as a great victory for diversity, a diversity that is leading inevitably to the suicide of Britain, and which the establishment has knowingly brought about by intentional policy. This in a country that had maintained a non-diverse population for a thousand years and ruled the world for two centuries. The bad news, from the point of view of the British political establishment, was that the continent was far ahead of Britain in actual percentages of Muslims per native populations, leading to some to suggest Britain increase its efforts to diversify. And so it goes, throughout the West. In the United States, the Democrat Party is firmly committed to national suicide by its unrelenting opposition to controlled borders and measured and sensible immigration policy.

To die slow death by suicide
Diversity’s the best
Of all the ways the Muslim tide
Can use to kill the West
The Ottomans had vainly tried
And now have final rest
As Muslim women keened and cried
As many did attest
But now Islam has but to hide
Pretend they are a guest
And as the Muslims multiplied
They then could kill the West
Diversity’s how we’ll have died
We never would have guessed
That when diversity’s your guide
You too have final rest

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