Dream Weavers

By definition, half of every population is below average in IQ. This is true in the United States as elsewhere, and in the United States, as elsewhere in the First World, the number of low IQ jobs is far fewer than the number of low IQ people. The problem of government, then, is what to do with these low IQ people who had no say in what intelligence level their DNA has assigned them. Enter politics and technology. Politics weaves dreams of the good life through government granted access to universities to which the low IQ are not intellectually equipped to attend, and technology weaves dreams of an alternative life of virtual reality. The question is, which is more likely to succeed, the falsely woven hope of the politicians or the virtual but false world of Pokemon Go and its successors. From all indications the false hope of the politicians is collapsing from the weight of enormous personal debt and unrealized expectations, while the equally false world of virtual reality is succeeding due to something the Romans, faced with a similar surplus of low IQ people, solved by giving them bread and circuses. The only difference between us now and the Romans then is that we have done away with the need for colosseums, for technology has created the colosseum of the mind. Thus, government is turning away from trying to improve low IQ people by giving them houses in the false belief that owning a house makes you middle class, and sending their low IQ children to college where they experience failure, and joining the technocrats by providing the bread for the technological circuses. Half the country works to keep the other half amused and thus less likely to turn to violence against the State, though more likely to increase the violence among the low IQ as their virtual reality becomes more real than the real world itself.

The sturdy looms of government where woven dreams were made
The looms where dreams of summer homes and boats upon the lake
Were fashioned for the working man whose unions made the trade
Of freedom for security and bread for chocolate cake
Have come at last to end of dreams as labor is no more
And manufacturing is done by robots without rest
Who do not dream of summer homes and boats upon the shore
Or go on strike for better pay at union boss behest
With welfare and with food stamps most sit out the working day
And with their smart phones and devices enter newer dreams
Of virtual reality where they are kings at play
And worlds are theirs for taking or at least that’s how it seems
Free bread and circuses work well but not for very long
For man gets restive and the dreams turn ugly at the end
And sees that bread and virtual reality are wrong
And in despair sees that the weavers break but never bend

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