Electric Cars

The Obama administration, in its zeal to destroy the economy of the United States and save the planet by going green, has pushed electric cars among many of its costly follies. After forcing the automobile industry into bankruptcy and giving the companies to their friends in the United Auto Workers Union, the Obama administration is now trying to sell the American public on the virtues of the Chevy Volt, whose batteries inconveniently catch fire. I have no doubt that lagging sales will lead the Obama administration to ban the internal combustion engine. Electric cars may one day be all the rage, but right now there is nothing wrong with an electric car that an internal combustion engine won’t fix. 



The problem with electric cars

Is that they’re all from DC

Where Washington has put in czars

Who don’t know ass from AC

Electric cars date from before

And disappeared because they

Were slow in getting to the shore

And bottled up the causeway

The steamer now that was the cheese

Some water and it’s loaded

With pressure up it sure did please

Until the thing exploded

Then cars were run on gasoline

Performance was upgraded

To speeds not heretofore been seen

And drivers were elated

But now the government insists

That we go all electric

With driving range, with some assists

To calculate in metric

For freedom lost will not return

They’re banning incandescents

And ‘cause there’ll be no gas to burn

They’ll ban anti-depressants

And force us all to drive with smiles

At thirty miles an hour

And travel only fifty miles

Before we’re out of power



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